Winnipeg Dentist’s 7th Year Helping With Oral Health Care In Guatemala

Dr. Alex Serebnitski, who works at EK Dental is proud to announce that he is now in his seventh year of helping Health Outreach deliver important medical and dental help in Guatemala.

WINNIPEG, Canada – Winnipeg Dentist, Dr. Alex Serebnitski, who works at EK Dental at 807 Henderson Highway, is proud to announce that he is now in his seventh year of helping Health Outreach deliver important medical and dental help in Guatemala.

Dr. Alex Serebnitski is passionate about helping as many people as possible with their dental problems, particularly those who would not usually have access to it or be able to afford dental treatment.

When it comes to dental health in Guatemala, the main issue that Dr. Alex Serebnitski and his colleagues see is chronically infected teeth in both adults and children. The story always seems to unfold in the same manner: Small cavities develop but are undetected. These progress unnoticed until they cause a severe toothache. Because the patient is unable to afford primary dental care, they put up with the pain until the tooth dies. The pain often subsides to a low-level ache, and the dental team of Health Outreach found that most people accept this discomfort without realizing that infection persists in their jaws.

“I feel blessed and honoured to have an excellent job, helping people with their dental needs,” said Dr. Alex Serebnitski of EK Dental. “However, I have always been very conscious of the fact that not everyone can afford dental treatment, and I had a burning desire to help those people who found themselves in that situation. Once I discovered Health Outreach, I knew this was the organization I wanted to work with, and I cannot believe that I have been doing this for over seven years now. I have no intention of stopping, and look forward to helping many more people in the future”.

In Guatemala, the absence of infrastructure leads to a high incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses in children. There is often only one ill-equipped health post in each community. A nurse usually attends to the entire population. For serious illnesses, people must travel several kilometers to a hospital in Guatemala City – that’s another reason Health Outreach is necessary there.

Health Outreach is a group of health care providers dedicated to overseas charity projects. Their work responds to people around the world in need of healthcare – care that members can easily provide when given the opportunity. The organization is a non-profit and non-denominational international health organization based in Toronto, Canada.

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