Winnipeg Accounting Company Recommends The Use Of Automation To Improve Accuracy

Compass Accounting a professional CPA Accountancy firm, based in Winnipeg is recommending their clients to use automation in order to improve the accuracy of data.

Winnipeg Canada – Compass Accounting a professional CPA Accountancy firm, based in Winnipeg Canada is advising their clients to utilize the benefits of automation on a daily basis to help improve the accuracy of their accounting. Another advantage of this switch to automation will also be the more efficient amalgamation of all the information in one location, which will deliver many benefits come tax season.

Many people might have thought that automation and personal finance packages might be the enemy of a chartered accountant firm, but Compass Accounting are embracing the use of technology in their advice to customers. They believe that the most important aspect of the service they provide to their clients is accuracy, reliability, and speed, and the best way to achieve this in their opinion is to utilize the benefits of automation technology.

“For many people, tax season is a challenging and frustrating time, hunting for invoices, receipts and numerous other small slips of paper that have accumulated over the year,” said Karen Hallson-Kundel. “We know that we provide huge value to our clients, and they regularly recommend us to their friends and family, and part of the reason for this is due to the personal service we offer them on a daily basis. Automation can be a little complicated to set up, but once it is working properly, it can make the accounting process much more streamlined, and for that reason, we are advising our clients to automate as many of the processes as possible. We are confident that they will still utilize our services, and in some ways, the automation will also benefit our staff. Our priority is to always put the customer first, and that is why we are steering people down the path of automation.”

Compass Accounting is a Chartered Professional Accountant firm located in Winnipeg and serving clients in many provinces. They focus on helping business owners and managers get the most from their financial reports, keep costs in check with efficient systems and stay compliant with tax and government filings. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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