Wineova Adds More Sizzles to the Art of Wine Drinking

Wineova, a private label brand of wine cups, now adds more sizzles to the art of drinking wine, as it introduces acrylic wine glasses for special occasions.

St. Petersburg, Florida, December 19th 2014 – Inarguably, the quality of wine as well as the kind of wine cup being used to drink wine largely determines the degree of enjoyment and happiness that the user would feel. Today, Wineova, a leading manufacturer of wine related products, introduces its Wineova acrylic wine glasses as it now revolutionizes the art of wine drinking.

In a recent report from the owner of Wineova, it’s been noted that many people out there have some concern on the fragile nature of traditional wine tumblers since they easily break up under harsh conditions. “They can even break into pieces from a little impact with another object. In a bid to offer an affordable and durable alternative, Wineova has been able to come up with plastic wine glasses that can make the drinking of wine more enjoyable and comfortable,” he reveals.

While describing the product, he states that a typical Wineova wine glass looks like the traditional wine cup, but it’s made from acrylic materials, thus making it transportable and durable when it comes to handling. The owner of the brand further adds, saying, “It has insulation properties that help to keep wine chilled, just like with a real wine cup. With its stylish, exotic design, it adds an exciting aura to the drinking of white and red wine. More so, the design prevents spilling, thus making it suitable for any situations whereby users are on the move while holding the wine cup.”

It’s been reported as well that Wineova wine tumblers are ideal for personal usage at home; they can as well be used at picnics, funfair parks, restaurants, cock-tail halls, ballrooms, cinemas, and concerts. According to the owner, as far as the art of drinking wine is concerned today, the release of Wineova wine tumblers into the market is a plus to the industry. The product is designed to provide users with an aura of freedom and comfort, he discloses.

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