Windshield Repair Riverside: Free Windshield Repair Estimates In Riverside CA

Same day windshield repair company Go Glass in Riverside is a local preferred provider for Safelite as well as most insurance companies. Go Glass is offering free windshield repair estimates, either in-shop or mobile service in the surrounding areas.

Same day windshield repair estimates in Riverside The population of Riverside continues to grow and so does the need for windshield repair. With more and more cars and trucks on the road it’s no wonder people are experiencing an increase in windshield damage in Riverside. Rock chips, cracks, and even shattered windshields are often caused from debris caught in the tires and hurled at the vehicles behind them. Trucks, both large and small, are often blamed for damage to windshields. Everyone has seen, and tried to avoid, the occasional dirt and gravel trucks with that annoying sign: “Not Responsible for Windshield Damage” Really?!

At any rate, most windshield damage is accidental and in many cases even unavoidable. The more a person drives the freeways in Riverside and the surrounding areas, the higher the chances of getting a chipped or cracked windshield.

So let’s talk about what’s repairable and what is not. First lets mention that not all windshield damage even needs to be repaired. If a rock hits a windshield and leaves a small white divot or pit mark, but no other visible cracks or black shaded areas directly behind it, it does not need to be repaired. Beware, there are some companies and individuals in Riverside that make a very good living doing unnecessary windshield repairs. They usually offer to inspect the windshield at a gas station or a local car wash, then comes the sales pitch, or even scare tactics to convince someone that; left unrepaired this small pit in the windshield will cause a crack. Don’t fall for it. Oh, but it’s free they say, the insurance will pay for it. Many insurance companies do in fact cover windshield repair, but these companies/individuals are soliciting windshield repairs that are often unnecessary and therefore a waist of time and insurance company’s money. Don’t get scammed, be smart and get a second opinion from a riverside company that can be trusted.

Okay, so a rock chip or crack less than the size of a quarter is generally repairable. Even larger damage, up to the size of a dollar bill, and even longer, may still be repairable. There is some debate as to any damage located in the primary viewing area and whether or not that should be repaired, but that is up to the consumer to decide. If the damage is minor, it may be okay, but larger damage may require a windshield replacement. It is important to note that windshield repairs are rarely invisible after completion. In most cases there is a 70-90% improvement in visibility after the repair. The main advantage to windshield repair is that it can save a windshield from having to be replaced and retain the original factory seal.

So what if the damage is beyond repair? Then a new windshield is required. It’s important to note that a windshield replacement is much more than just a piece of new glass, it’s an integral part of a vehicle’s safety system. A windshield is made of laminated glass, and is sometimes referred to as “Safety Glass”, because of its safety features. It also works in conjunction with the vehicles SRS system and is designed to help support the weight of the vehicle in the event of a rollover. This is important because if not installed properly a windshield could compromise safety.

In addition to built-in safety features, the latest windshields are even going hi-tech. Go Glass is starting to see more cameras and sensors on even entry level vehicle windshields. As technology continues to advance so will the complexity of new windshields and the need for greater care in replacing them. Go Glass in Riverside is a local preferred provider for Safelite as well as most insurance companies. Go Glass is an AGSC certified auto glass company licensed by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. Go Glass auto glass shop in Riverside provides full service for both windshield repairs and replacements, either in-shop or free mobile service to the surrounding areas. All windshield repair and replacement comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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