Windscreen Electric Heated Ice Scraper With Non-Scratch Rubber Blade Launched

Ultimate Deals announced the launch of a new heated snow scraper for auto windshields. The electric scraper comes with an LED flashlight to ensure the quick removal of snow in low-light conditions.

Ultimate Deals announced the launch of a new electric heated ice scraper for auto windscreens. The snow scraper is equipped with an LED flashlight and non-scratch rubber blade designed to melt snow and clear ice safely and quickly.

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The newly launched auto windshield ice scraper is an effective tool for motorists who need to remove snow and ice from their windshields and side mirrors. With a powerful heating element, the product enables users to melt ice while scraping without leaving scratches on the glass.

Company representatives emphasize the importance of clearing ice from car windows quickly and effectively. Motorists who drive to work frequently have to allow for added travel time in the winter in order to ensure that their windows and windscreens are defrosted and free from ice. To remedy this, the heated ice scraper aims to significantly reduce the time it takes to thoroughly clear snow and ice.

This durable traveling accessory is designed to comprehensively meet the needs of users in cold, snowy conditions. It is suitable as a holiday or birthday gift for drivers of all types of vehicles.

Users benefit from the multi-functionality of this versatile scratch-free heated auto scraper. The product features a built-in LED light, allowing users to effectively melt and remove ice from their auto windows in low-light conditions.

The new product is compatible with standard 12-volt cigarette lighter sockets and has a 15-foot cord that can reach all parts of the car’s exterior. The rubber wiper blade squeegee ensures that glass windows can be cleaned with ease after scraping.

“There’s nothing worse than waking up and getting ready to start the day, only to go out to your car and finding that you have to deal with scraping ice away from your windshield,” explained a company spokesperson. “This heated ice scraper will save you a lot of time in the morning, making your windshield clear before your car heats up.”

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