Windproof Compact Travel Umbrella With Lifetime Guarantee Released

An online store has been launched by Crown Coast, allowing customers to purchase its new windproof compact travel umbrella featuring an automatically eligible lifetime guarantee replacement program, providing a free replacement in the event of damage.

Crown Coast, a new windproof umbrella with a lifetime guarantee replacement program, is now available via its newly launched online store. For more information about the Crown Coast umbrella and its Guaranteed Lifetime Replacement Program, visit the online store via the following link:

Crown Coast is a new, windproof and able to withstand up to 60 mph gusts of wind umbrella. It comes with a Guaranteed Lifetime Replacement Program, where purchasers are automatically enrolled in the program. The online store states that should an umbrella become damaged at any stage it will be replaced free of charge.

The high quality Crown Coast WindHero Pro travel umbrella is rated to withstand severe storms at 60 mph and has been tested with a full size wind tunnel canopy to back this claim up. Its durability is certified for 6,000 canopy openings providing long term functional reliability time and again.

The Crown Coast WindHero Pro umbrella features an automatic open function, and also a unique auto close function that many other umbrella are lacking, both at the press of a button. The automatic close function makes it convenient for quick entry into a car, building, tent and so on. The auto function means that the user gets instant coverage against instances of sudden rain, and it’s easily operable with one hand, leaving the other free to carry other items.

The online store offers unisex umbrellas in 14 various colors. It details the construction of the umbrella as resilient, with it windproof flex memory frame technology. It’s designed not to flip inside out, however in the rare event that it does, the canopy frame bounces back in tact to its normal shape each time.

The Crown Coast WindHero Pro umbrella’s features are described as: a water slick, 100 percent polyester canopy made from non absorbent synthetic polymer, to be water repellent, abrasion resistant and mold and mildew resistant; a low tension spring for easy closure of the telescoping handle into a compact position; an anti corrosion, electroplated frame for rust prevention; a single open and close button; a pliable, non slip rubber comfort grip handle, with an attached looped wristlet for easy carrying; and a storage sleeve.

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