Window cleaning robot. Smart robot for window and glass.

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Excellent robot for cleaning windows or any other smooth surfaces with automatic wetting.

The HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic model (that is, the third generation model) has in fact one significant difference from the 368 version – a micro atomizer on the body, which allows for activation of humidification or steaming of the working surface in automatic or manual mode.

The controls are quite simple. After carefully reading the instructions, it should be very clear on how to operate the machine. There is also an option to watch the video for a better understanding. The principle is quite simple: charge the device, affix the safety cable, and start cleaning.

The robot has several types of cleaning modes, each of them is indicated on the remote control. It can be controlled manually, but the automatic mode is more convenient since the sensors clearly define the boundaries of a window leaving no dust behind.

You can also control the work of the robot through the application on Iphone or Android devices, but we recommend using the remote control for two reasons: 1. The remote control is much more convenient and faster to operate. 2. The robot will not move from window to window, therefore always being within the reach of the remote control.

In summary, the robot really does a good job of washing and not just stroking a window. It simply requires frequent changing of the pads, but it’s an easy process that requires a minimum effort on part of the user. It takes about 35-40 minutes to thoroughly clean 2 medium-sized windows. It’s recommended to get an extra extension cord, because the cable does not always reach from the outlet. The robot is recommended for those who have a lot of windows. When not in use, the robot can be offered to your friends and relatives for the weekend. It would be a nice gesture by the owner to assist in cleaning!

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