Window Cleaning Automatic Smart Robot for Windows and Glass

It is more pleasant to wash windows in your apartment or house with HOBOT-298 Ultrasonic. Leave all the work to the robot. Go about your business. The window cleaning robot will do everything. New HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Robot with Ultrasonic water spray.

The basic principle of operation of HOBOT-298 Ultrasonic is exactly the same as that of other models of window cleaning robots. A vacuum pump creates a vacuum between the cleaning surface of the robot and the glass. A force of a few kilograms (several tens of newtons) is enough for such a device to firmly adhere to the glass. The design of the novelty uses a brushless motor with a metal impeller. According to the manufacturer, the noise level from the device is 64 dB, which is noticeably quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Rubber tracks are responsible for moving the robot on the glass. The HOBOT-298 Ultrasonic model has two of them. It is very important that there is sufficient friction between the tracks and the glass (even when dirty). Otherwise, the robot will slide in place or even slide down the glass. We note that the speed of linear movement is 12 cm / s, which is quite good.

The glass is washed with a microfiber napkin. This is where the main difference between the HOBOT-298 Ultrasonic and all other models lies. This robot is equipped with a replaceable cleaning fluid tank with an integrated ultrasonic spray nozzle. It sprays liquid in front of the robot, bringing the droplet size to a few micrometers. Thanks to the even distribution of sprayed liquid, the robot does not slip on the surface to be cleaned. However, the manufacturer recommends slightly moistening the napkin with the same cleaning liquid supplied before each cleaning step.

Proprietary cleaning fluid can be replaced with regular distilled water. The manufacturer prohibits the use of anything else since any other liquid can clog the ultrasonic nozzle. The latter can be replaced with one supplied spare. Extra replacements for ultrasonic nozzle or entire fluid tank can be purchased separately. The tank itself is considered an accessory, and therefore the warranty does not cover it.

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