Wilmington NC Chiropractor Back Pain Therapy Spinal Decompression Launched

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Wilmington chiropractic office ChiroCynergy announced an updated range of treatments available for both new and existing patients. The practice uses spinal decompression, active release therapy and other chiropractic techniques.

ChiroCynergy, a chiropractic office based in Wilmington, North Carolina, announced an updated range of services for patients experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and other conditions. The office provides spinal decompression, active release therapy, cold laser therapy and other procedures designed to alleviate pain and improve mobility.

More details can be found at https://chirocynergy.com.

The newly updated services aim to provide effective treatments for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions using proven therapeutic techniques. As the pandemic has led to an unprecedented rise in remote work, health issues associated with poor posture and prolonged laptop use have also become more common.

ChiroCynergy provides active release therapy combining precisely directed tension with patient movement. The practice encourages active patient motion for improved therapeutic success, the techniques being effective in the treatment and management of arthritis, gait imbalances, myofascitis, tendinitis and a variety of other conditions. For more details, please visit https://chirocynergy.com/treatments/active-release-therapy.

Spinal decompression is also available for patients suffering from bulging, herniated or degenerating disks. The practice uses gentle and relaxing techniques to ensure comfortable therapy sessions. Combining spinal decompression with personalized techniques to treat muscle imbalances, the practice has seen a success rate of over 90% in the treatment of various conditions. More details are available at https://chirocynergy.com/treatments/spinal-decompression.

With the latest announcement, the Wilmington chiropractor continues to expand its range of therapeutic services for patients in Wilmington, Kings Grant and the surrounding areas.

The practice is led by Dr. Matthew Bradshaw, a certified chiropractor specializing in active release therapy. With two decades of experience working with patients of all ages, Dr. Bradshaw has established a strong reputation for professionalism and service quality.

A satisfied patient said: “A few months ago, I could hardly walk due to back and leg pain and was going to retire… but that was two and a half months ago. I went through Dr. Bradshaw’s back pain program and I feel great and I’m back to my business. I can’t thank Dr. Bradshaw enough.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned websites.

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