Williamson County Pediatric Nurse Recertification Training Program Launched

A new recertification and continuing education service has been launched for registered nurses. Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center works with forensic nurses to help them advance their career.

Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center has launched a new in-person program for continuing education and recertification for forensic nurses. They work with children coming into the center who require medical forensic exams to determine their current condition and the extent of their abuse.

More information can be found at: https://wilcocac.org/medical-services

Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center has performed 388 medical exams in 2019, and 1,287 since 2008. They provide five levels of exams, including acute physical abuse, non-acute physical abuse, acute sexual abuse, non-acute sexual abuse, and SAFE. Each examination is child-led, and includes a detailed assessment, documenting medical history and injuries.

WCCAC provides opportunities for clinical rotation in pediatric and adolescent forensic nursing to assist FN in fulfilling their practicum requirements. They also offer recertification opportunities in pediatric and adolescent, ensuring that nurses fulfill the OAG and IAFN certification levels.

The new continuing education and recertification service is designed to help nurses distinguish themselves and their career. They open opportunities for advancement in the field.

Nurses requiring recertification or seeking the right continuing education program for their needs are encouraged to email wccacinfo@wilcoac.org.

WCCAC was created in 1997 with the vision of breaking the cycle of child abuse. Their aim is to provide a welcoming, child-friendly and safe place for victims of child abuse and their families.

Their full range of services includes forensic interviews, medical forensic exams, family advocacy, mental health counseling, outreach training, and multi-disciplinary team coordination. From the environment they create through to the highly trained staff, WCCAC strives to reduce the emotional trauma for children and their non-offending family members.

The center states: “Our professional services align with law enforcement and child protective services to ensure the integrity of child abuse investigations are protected each step of the way. In our Center, we provide everything from forensic interviews to medical examinations, family advocacy, mental health counseling, and community education.”

Full details of the newly launched service can be found at https://wilcocac.org. Interested parties can get in touch at 512-943-3701.

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