Wilkenson Knaggs—Well known real estate investor with a net worth of $68 Million

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Wilkenson Knaggs is a well known real estate investor located in Boston, Massachusetts who is currently worth $68 Million according to public records.

Wilkenson Knaggs is a well known real estate investor currently located in Massachusetts who does both local and virtual investing. Since the beginning of his journey in 1992, he has been involved in over $130 Million real estate transactions and has an approximate net worth of $68 Million according to public records. Wilkenson Knaggs has been a full-time investor for about 30 years while also conducting large business acquisition deals and has been known to be involved in generous philanthropy acts throughout the nation. When he first got started, he sought out several mentors who have already accomplished plenty of what he wanted to accomplish. The minute he started working closely with his mentors, he got up and got out into the field of finance and started doing deals immediately. http://www.wilkensonknaggs.com/

Because of his proactive mentality, today he is easing into property development as well as working with his partners on acquiring Hotels and other hospitality properties. As for residential properties, Wilkenson Knaggs acquires approximately 10 residential properties per month alongside his mentees and junior investors in areas all across the country. http://www.wilkensonknaggs.com/

Being a mentee of Wilkenson Knaggs’ is an unparalleled opportunity for any person of any age or level of experience. In fact, the opportunity to speak with Wilkenson Knaggs and gather a few of the gems that he gently drops during casual and genuine conversation without a fee or “quid pro quo” would make one wonder how often his mentees are presented with such efficient and priceless information. To top it all off, it has been said that 88% of the individuals who decides to follow behind Wilkenson Knaggs’ path and follow his “Millionaire Mindset Path” have become millionaires during their partnership. Just to be clear, Mr. Knaggs is a leader, and treats his mentees as equals.

To continue to take life lessons and skills to the maximum, find the time to be the best position to reach out to Wilkenson Knaggs. http://www.wilkensonknaggs.com/

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