Wilds Wood Watch Debuts Kickstarter Campaign for its Elite Wooden Watches

Watches are more than just a way to mark time. They’re an essential accessory and fashion statement. Wild Woods provides a luxury alternative for men who are individualists, adventurers and live life on their own terms.

Wilds Wood Watch founder and CEO, King Williams, announced that the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The company seeks to raise $10,000 that will be used to expand the luxury brand of men’s wooden watches, increase production, grow distribution channels, and implement a robust marketing campaign.

“Our prestigious men’s wooden watches are handcrafted to perfection,” said Williams.

Watches are no longer simply an easy way to determine time. They’re an essential accessory that makes a personal statement about the wearer. A watch is an elegant piece of jewelry that no well-dressed man will do without. Wilds Wood Watches crafts singular time pieces that make a bold and commanding declaration that are also eco-friendly and fashioned with sustainably sourced wood.

The company’s U.S.-based warehouse ensures a quick delivery and everyone that contributes at least AU$200 ($153.56 U.S.) can select a watch from the Wilds Wood collection for their own. The watches encompass luxury and exotic woods that include ebony, walnut, rosewood, and kosso. Each time piece is a limited edition that won’t be found in stores and features an elegant, cosmopolitan gift box.

The fashionable time pieces are contemporary in design, yet exude a classic timelessness that few watches can achieve. Each Wilds Wood creation is highlighted by a self-winding mechanism that eliminates the need for batteries and there’s no “tick-tick” sound that’s common in quartz-type mechanisms. A double-fold clasp is incorporated into each band to ensure a comfortable fit.

Wilds Wood watches feature an 18-jewel movement and 36-hour reserve power. They’re accurate to within three seconds each day and the face frame is a combination of wood and stainless steel for durability. The time pieces are crowned with a tempered glass, scratch-proof face.

The internal workings of the fashion forward watches are precision crafted and the high-luster wood offers a refined and sophisticated alternative for men who are individualists or may have metal allergies. The exclusive watches are equally at home in the boardroom, elite social functions, and on adventurous expeditions.

The launch of the Wilds Wood Kickstarter campaign will provide the company with the needed funding to expand distribution, increase production, and mount a full-bodied marketing strategy for its distinctive line of elite time pieces. It also provides individuals around the world with the opportunity to contribute and claim one of the distinctive luxury watches for themselves.

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