Wikipedia of Content Creation HornHub Finance Launches Beta Platform

HornHub has spent over six months behind the scenes meticulously planning and creating - while making tremendous waves in the DeFi space - to reach this significant milestone.

The Wikipedia of content creation, HornHub , has spent over six months behind the scenes carefully planning and creating while making tremendous waves in the DeFi space to reach a significant milestone. Last Wednesday, on the 15th of September. Hornhub launched its beta platform after extensive preparation. It has spent over six months behind the scenes meticulously planning and creating, all the while making tremendous waves in the DeFi space. As HornHub evolves the website will be filled by members, with artistic images, color, and class. Despite existing in an industry where projects come and go like clockwork, the dedicated team has combined meticulous work with a high level of expertise and does not let themselves be rushed.

Designed to be the most innovative content creation platform in the crypto space, bursting with communication, substance, and good ideas, the project will allow content creators, known as ‘Talents,’ to run their own hub and connect directly with viewers. Users will receive crypto payments for their original videos. HornHub has steadily added talented content creators these last months building an impressive roster. Specifically, M-Press LIVE – known as the DJ Khalid of Montreal – a music producer connected with the most prominent artists in Canada and the most significant music labels of the region. Not only will he bring his fans over, offering exclusive tracks and content not available anywhere else, but he will also be bringing many French and English artists to join him at HornHub. Comedians Mack Bouba and Osama Ferris have also shown their keen interest, as well as Canadian personality, turned chef Avatar, who is eager to host his brand-new cooking show on the platform. The many talented performers included during the extensive testing period will work alongside selected community members so that the team can identify any bugs or issues and recommend changes that will improve user experience.

Hornhub works like this. It will be the world’s first global subscription engine for fans that bridges the gap between content creation and cryptocurrency. By creating their own secure hub for connecting with fans, and earning instantly, content creators can take control of how their content is used. Binance Smart Chain provides them with an intuitive, social media-style platform and a subscription website. Those interested in using the platform can do so through its Fiat onramp, which means they do not need any crypto knowledge. A direct connection is made between the site’s backend and the second utility – the $HHUB crypto token. Tokens can be purchased behind the scenes using simple credit or debit cards and distributed as a digital currency on the site. All transactions are subject to a fee, or tax, which helps with liquidity, enabling charitable donations, and growing the project. With the third linked utility, fans will be able to purchase, sell, and trade NFTs while the performers earn royalties in perpetuity.

The company dedicated 200,000 dollars for marketing to accompany the beta launch. Social media promotions, YouTube collaborations with prominent YouTube personalities, out-of-home advertisements, and Internet marketing with high-traffic sites are included. Popular music artist Fadi KOD is the marketing lead and secured over 100 top international female performers to initiate the platform. The same designer who built the lauded Opskins website for Counter-Strike is creating the dynamic NFT marketplace. HornHub will rise above all competitors to become the top fan subscription platform in the world. They have a revolutionary product, an exceptional team, and an amazing community that trusts and believes in them. It’s as simple as that.

With the project preparing for this major new step in its detailed roadmap, both investors and onlookers appear unconcerned about the project’s future. The project has consistently exceeded all other milestones it set for itself despite being two weeks behind schedule for the beta release date, even under intense pressure, and is still actively engaging with social media (which the team seems to care about). HornHub has nothing to fear as it continues to make progress after the beta and then the full launch if it wants to become the world’s largest and most popular content creation platform powered by crypto. A total of 26 million dollars has already been raised, and more than 1500 holders have retained their investments.

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Project Lead: Rocco Tastic

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