Wierd Valentine’s Day Traditions Worldwide Welsh Love Spoon Report Launched

Valentine's Day traditions from around the world is the subject of a new report focusing on the different ways people show love and affection. It includes traditions from places as far afield as Japan and Wales.

A new report has been launched focusing on the weirdest Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world. It explains that people have come to realize that all too often Cupid is actually a poor shot. However, sending roses, buying chocolates, and writing anonymous cards can’t compare to some of the outrageous and interesting traditions from around the world.

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The list of unbelievable Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world encompasses people from Japan to Guatemala. The list is provided in an easy to read way so that people can quickly check up on some of the most outlandish traditions.

One of the most popular examples is from Japan, where it’s common for people to give their boss a Valentine’s Day gift. For many people, this would be at the bottom of their agenda, but it happens frequently in Japan. The country also has a tradition called giri choco, which sees women buy chocolate for male co-workers.

On the other hand, in South Korea, they have a black day where those who haven’t found love on Valentine’s Day can mourn the fact that they are still unlucky and alone.

In Guatemala City, senior citizens dress up in feathers and masks and parade through the city to celebrate old love, in a tribute to lovers of the past.

Other traditions are of the more wishful variety, with people of 17th century England putting leaves on their pillow on the eve of Valentine’s Day in the hope that they would dream of their future husband.

In Germany, pigs are a staple of Valentine’s Day cards, while in Brazil, it is tradition for single ladies to gamble on love by writing down the names of people they are attracted to and drawing a name out of a hat.

Other traditions involve giving objects to show affection, like in Wales, where love spoons are given to the one someone desires.

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