Wichita Kansas Locksmith Contactless Payment To Prevent GOA Service Launched

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Grab Customers, an online company, launched a contactless payment system in Wichita Kansas. The system prevents gone-on-arrival scenarios for the locksmith service industry.

Grab Customers, an online company, announced the launch of a contactless payment system to benefit locksmiths in Wichita, Kansas.

More information is available at https://grabcustomers.com/contactless-payments/

GOA (gone-on-arrival) is a common term to describe the act of a consumer leaving an area after requesting a service personnel to be dispatched to the location. This scenario results in financial loss and frustration for many individuals in the locksmith service industry.

Grab Customers has launched a contactless payment system as a GOA solution for locksmiths in Wichita, Kansas. The system allows locksmiths to receive payment digitally before dispatching. It also provides the option to collect a deposit at the time of mobile booking and to later collect full payment immediately upon completion of the service.

The contactless payment system provides multiple ways to send and receive payment on any mobile device. It allows potential customers to pay quickly in advance or remotely. The system can be tied to a website, email, or social media. It can also work on top of an existing merchant processor.

The contactless payment system speeds up account receivables, helps lower chargebacks, and eliminates transaction costs. Payments may be collected by SMS messaging with a custom link to pay, a QR code on an invoice, check, a hyperlink via email or the locksmith’s website.

The system provides an email notification with every payment along with a dashboard to view numerous real-time reports. Transactions are all recorded in real-time.

In addition, Grab Customers also provides business solutions and insight regarding contactless payment implementation.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Gone- on- arrival (GOA) is one of the pain points of the locksmith service industry because dispatching staff involves cost. The ability to collect a deposit, at the time of booking, ensures locksmiths get paid from the client.”

Interested parties can schedule a complimentary demo at the above mentioned website.

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