Why Tree Removal In Adelaide Can Improve Your Quality Of Life & Property Value

Discover why tree removal in Adelaide could not only improve your quality of life, increase the value of your home, but it could also save your life and property as well.

Tree removal is a service most people try to avoid unless they really have to – it can be noisy, inconvenient, and in some cases expensive. Many home owners in Adelaide however are realizing the countless benefits that come from proper management of their trees, both for themselves, their home, and also their home value. Many established suburbs of Adelaide such as Edwardstown, Woodville, or Pooraka are made up of older homes, and established older trees. Whilst these trees can be a great source of shade, and nature in the suburbs, they also do have some downsides, such as blocking natural sunlight, dangerous root systems, falling leaves and the constant risk of tree branches breaking off and crashing down.

The Richardson family from Wattle Park recently had a close call when a large branch from their backyard gum tree came crashing down one night in strong winds, flattening their garden shed. Mrs Richardson stated “It sounded like the end of the earth, we were settling down ready to sleep and we heard this tremendous BANG, so we rushed outside and half the tree had come down and our poor shed was a complete mess”. Large and old trees can be quite dangerous, especially during extreme weather with strong wind and rain, branches can come down with little or no warning and cause significantly damage to property, or injury and death to anyone unlucky enough to be nearby.

Mitchell from Pro Tree Removal Adelaide stated that “People quite often ignore their trees, and when it comes to larger trees this can become quite dangerous as many species are prone to dropping branches. Older trees can also die without the homeowner realizing, and as the tree slowly decays the chance of it coming down on its own increases every day, which is very dangerous. The best strategy is to get an Arborist to inspect any suspect trees asap, to either treat them or potentially remove them if they’re beyond saving.”

Not only can large, established and older trees be dangerous, but they quite often block significant amounts of sunlight which can leave your yard and house quite a bit darker than it would otherwise be, this can effect your mood and mental health, especially during winter when natural sunlight is limited. Removing or significantly trimming these trees can make a big impact on your health and happiness.

One other factor many Adelaide homeowners fail to consider is that big old trees can prevent your garden fully developing as they block a lot of natural light and soak up a lot of water and nutrients from the ground. Generally the garden and surrounding area will be quite barren due to the root system of these large trees, which can look quite ugly sometimes. Removing this problem tree can free up your garden bed and allow you to plant a huge variety of plants and younger trees that will be a lot more attractive to look at, and will no doubt increase the price of your property.

Proper tree care is best done by a professional arborist or arboroculturist who can properly assess your trees, and give you all your options. Removing an established tree from your yard may feel like a big loss, but it will also provide a lot more opportunity to do even great things with your garden. For other families with more dangerous trees such as the Richardson’s, investing in tree services sooner may have helped them save their garden shed.

If you’re a homeowner in Adelaide and you feel your property could benefit from some tree removal, Pro Tree Removal Adelaide are offering free quotes for a limited time, it could save your life and it could also increase the value of your property, so feel free to call them today.

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