Whiteboard Cartoon Doodle Animation Service Now Offering Full HD Videos Limited Time

Professional Whiteboard doodle animator offering announcement videos for limited time on Fiverr for just $5. The perfect way to showcase a business, product, service or offer. For small business owners on a marketing budget this is the perfect solution.

A Professional Whiteboard Animator has turned to Fiverr to offer a low cost doodle speed draw service. Small to medium business sized owners can use the White Board Doodle Animation service now being offered in full HD to gain valuable exposure for their business without having to worry about the huge expense that normally comes with hiring a high end animation company behind them.


The videoscribe service was launched to help small to medium sized businesses attract more customers and exposure online. The speed draw service is now being offered in HD for a limited time.

For small to medium sized business owners who cannot stretch to the price of a whiteboard cartoon explainer video from a larger high-end company, can now afford this quality service to improve their marketing campaign through the new Cartoongal Whiteboard Doodle Animation Service. 

After discussing this to a large number of small business owners at meeting clubs and business events, the whiteboard animator heard of the problems that were being faced by business owners who could not stretch strict budgets to an effective video marketing solution. The same message was being relayed over and over again that small businesses were struggling and finding it very hard indeed to compete against their competition due to restrictive marketing funds.

Video marketing services are becoming increasingly more expensive as software is becoming more sophisticated, and this is reflected in the production price. With this in mind Cartoongal decided to offer a Whiteboard Cartoon Video Announcement service for $5, and in full HD (1080p) quality as a limited offer to help the small business to medium business owner compete in a highly competitive business world.

Due to Cartoongal’s experience of producing these videos worldwide, an instant attention-grabbing video is assured, thus allowing small business owners to advertise special offers, and promotional events along with increased brand awareness in higher quality.

 Benefits of a doodle animation video for an online business website

1. Highly Engaging  

2. Visitors More Likely to Remember It 

3. Watched Right Through to the End 

4. Potential Traffic 

5. Improve Website Bounce Rate 

6. Gain Attention 

7. Social Media Sharing

With the growth of social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter it has never been more important to integrate White-board doodle explainer videos as an important part of a business market strategy. 

With the ever increasing number of people now shopping online and accessing the Internet through various methods including smartphones, small to medium business owners have come to recognize how important it is to market their business online to grab a share of the potential customers that could be interested in their product or service.

To learn more about the HD quality whiteboard doodle animation service please visit https://www.fiverr.com/cartoongal/create-whiteboard-announcement

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