White Pine TN Personal Security/Self Defense Gadget Supplier 2022 Line Expanded

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Self Defense Gadgets (423-388-7770), a leading provider of self-defense and home protection products, has announced the expansion of its product range to feature affordable personal security products.

The newly expanded product line makes a wide range of high-quality self-defense gadgets available to people looking to protect themselves, their families, and their property. The Self Defense Gadgets line for 2022 features personal alarms, batons, keychains, animal repellents, safety lights, and more.

More details can be found at: https://selfdefensegadgets.net

Growing consumer awareness and the need for high-quality personal protection devices have led Self Defense Gadgets to expand their product line. They will ship from their base in Whitesburg, Tennessee, to anywhere in the United States and its territories.

Concerns about the level of crime in U.S. cities have been growing for many years. A recent article by Pew Research used annual Gallup polls to show the long-term trend of the public increasingly seeing crime as rising over time. In the same article, crime statistics show that assault and burglary are two of the three most common crimes.

Self Defense Gadgets’ expanded product range contains many different products designed to help people defend themselves. These include mini-personal alarms disguised as key chains and lipsticks, sprays, spray carry holsters, stun devices, and batons.

Products available to protect homes from burglars include fake security cameras, functional cameras, door and window alarms, padlocks, and an alarm that emits the noise of a barking dog when it detects an intruder.

The product range includes other items such as an alarm to detect when a young child falls into a pool, handheld security scanners for event and property protection, and hidden cameras for covert surveillance.

More about the company

Self Defense Gadgets was founded in 2021 to provide high-quality security devices at competitive prices. In addition to their website, they have a physical presence with their outlet at the Diamond Complex Flea Market And Vendors Mall in White Pine, Tennessee.

A spokesperson said: “When it comes to self-defense products and personal safety, you want something that makes you and your family feel safer. Of course, you also want quality self-defense products, but you don’t want to overpay and here at Self Defense Gadgets, you won’t have to.”

Interested parties can find out more information about the Self Defense Gadgets product range at: https://selfdefensegadgets.net

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