White Pearls Are Now A Skin Care Ingredient

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Pearls started in ancient China as a way to give the skin a lighter, smoother complexion. Now, it's been brought to the West... with great effect.

This ancient Chinese ingredient has been used to smooth the complexion and give a youthful radiance, and it’s finally available in the West.

Pearl has been recently used in the cosmetics industry to tone the skin and rejuvenate one’s complexion. It heals blemishes, reduce redness, and minimize large pores.

Pearls are finely grounded to release its beneficial chemical compounds, aragonite and conchiolin. Pearl powder is then added to lotions, creams, mask, and serums for the skin to enjoy the healing benefits.

The use of pearl in cosmetics started in China. They started to cultivate fresh-water pearls for this sole purpose. The mother-of-pearl, which is obtained from the internal lining of oyster shells, may also be used as an alternative. Gold Elements use the same all-natural pearl products to develop the Aurarius Royal Pearl Set, which is mainly designed to bring out the skin’s inner radiance.

The Royal “White Pearl” Facial Cream is a gentle, multi-tasking moisturizing cream that effectively hydrates the skin. Developed with refreshing ingredients that help address the signs of skin aging, it makes wrinkles and fine lines less visible after every use. The cream also conditions and rebalances the skin, thus leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, and healthy looking.

On the other hand, the Royal “White Pearl” Facial Peeling Mask is a soft facial mask enriched with active ingredients that remove dead skin cells and dirt. It also unclogs pores and helps recondition and rebalance the skin. With regular use, it relaxes and reinvigorates the face, thus making it look radiant. It also allows the skin to breathe as it instantly soothes and cleans it.

Additionally, the exquisite and luxurious Royal “White Pearl” Facial Serum combines the power of white pearls and gold to nourish the skin and defy aging. It also tones the skin to make it look smoother and brighter.

Aurarius Royal Pearl Set users have good things to say about the products. Kelly Adams used the Royal “White Pearl” Facial Cream and said, “I could feel the difference right away after applying the cream. It’s my first time [using] an Aurarius product. Being in my mid-fifties and having dry skin, I tried lots of treatments and not all of them worked. This cream makes my skin soft and supple.”

Jacqueline Collins, a Royal “White Pearl” Facial Peeling Mask user, stated, “I absolutely love the mask. I have sensitive skin, and I thought my face would react badly to the mask. But it didn’t. After the first use, I had noticed some improvement. It felt as though a layer of dirt was removed from my face.”

Lori Clark has this to say about the facial serum: “I bought the serum recently, and I have been using it for about a week now. The serum gently moisturizes my skin and provides it with lasting moisture. It doesn’t feel greasy. My skin feels so soft and fresh I don’t experience oiliness throughout the day.”

The Aurarius Royal Pearl Set comes with three luxurious skin care products designed to make the skin pearly white with regular use. The three products included in the set are the: Royal “White Pearl” Facial Cream, Royal “White Pearl” Facial Peeling Mask, and the Royal “White Pearl” Facial Serum. Available for a limited time.

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