White Label Certified Dietary Supplements Health Foods Dropship Service Expanded

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Specialist Supplements has expanded its business to provide white-label supplements and dropshipping services to resellers of its health & diet supplements. The company also provides in-house Start A Business Pack. This is a business in a box solution

The Trade & Practitioner Division of Specialist Supplements has expanded its business to include a white label and dropshipping service. The new service enables supplement resellers to supply custom branded health and dietary products directly to their clients worldwide.For more information, visit https://www.dropshipwebhosting.co.uk/own-label-services

This expansion of services will provide a unique opportunity for health and diet supplement resellers to customise products to their specific brand, along with a drop-ship service that delivers products to their buyers directly without the need for independent logistics infrastructure.

The consistent growth in demand for health foods and diet supplements provides extensive opportunities for current and new entrants to the industry. However, the growing industry has an increased number of participants, necessitating a uniqueness in terms of service delivery, branding, and other factors in order for businesses to stand out from the competition.

Specialist Supplements provides white-label products to their resellers, along with custom branding services to tailor product packaging designs to their brand. Resellers have access to these services free of charge, and will only be required to pay a one-off fee at the start of their partnership with Specialist Supplements.

Made in the United Kingdom.

They are manufacture the highest quality health products all of which are made in the United Kingdom under GMP standards and ISO22000 quality control.

Their products are sold worldwide in various natural health clinics by naturopaths, nutritionists, colon hydrotherapists and many other natural health practitioners. They even have resellers the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

This proves that their products have passed all strict inspections and criteria required prior to approval and registration in these countries.

No-FEE Drop Ship Service – Direct Dispatch To Your Customers.

Along with its white-label service, the company provides a dropshipping solution that allows resellers to prepare for and fulfil client orders from the Specialist Supplement warehouse, thereby saving considerable logistics costs.

Unique Formula Health Products Range.

Specialist Supplements Ltd. is a supplier of wholesale health and diet supplements founded in 1995 and trading for over 26 years to date. The company supplies dietary health foods and organic food supplements, herbal formulations, practitioner supplies, organic health foods, vitamins, and others. Specialist Supplements’ products are developed to the highest standards of quality. They are registered with all government departments and local authorities.

Their range of health products cover all aspects of natural personal care from colon cleansing, alkalising blends, vitamins, minerals, organic food blends in powder and capsules, meal replacement powders, immunity boosting, candida overgrowth, vegetarian and vegan blends to superfoods and weight loss formulas.

To view their range of natural dietary supplements, visit this page https://www.dropshipwebhosting.co.uk/our-product-ranges

Start Your Own Business Service.

This company has thought of everything for their established and potential customers. They even offer a Start A Supplements Business Instantly Service – which is as described.

They will create your own bespoke labels and a corresponding word press website with included dropship API. This is a new business in a box solution. All that you need to do is market your website and make sales. Placing dropship orders is achieved from within your own WordPress website. They do all the rest. This is an amazing service and we have yet to find another company offering the equivalent.

Specialist Supplements (Trade Division) even provide a unique website content blogs article writing service which is amazing. To view this amazing business in a box solution, go to their page at https://www.dropshipwebhosting.co.uk/start-your-own-business

A spokesperson said, “We offer unique white-label options for all resellers of our products. Selling your own branded organic health foods and dietary supplements adds prestige to your brand and helps you stand out from your competition. For a small one-off fee, we will set up, design, and print your personalised labels for placed orders. Our label printing is free to resellers and we dropship orders direct to their customers at no extra cost. Our website build and Start A Business Pack is a turn-key solution for anyone wishing to earn extra money.”

Interested parties can find more information on Specialist Supplements by visiting https://www.dropshipwebhosting.co.uk/

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