Wheaton German Shepherd Breeders Purebred Male Female Puppies For Sale Announced

The acclaimed Vom Ragnar German Shepherd breeders have announced its new litters with multiple male and female puppies purebred from healthy award-winning show line dogs and socialized entirely at home with children and other animals which are now available for adoption.

The popular Vom Ragnar kennel has announced its new German Shepherd litters with a unique range of healthy, well-tempered and purebred puppies raised and socialized in a home environment now available for sale.

More information is available at https://vomragnar.com.

The Vom Ragnar kennel is a popular and trusted German Shepherd breeder in Harvard near Chicago, Illinois, owned and operated by Natalya Babenko with a licensed veterinarian and known for providing families across the US some of the most healthy, well-socialized and pedigreed purebred German Shepherd dogs and puppies.

The leading German Shepherd breeders announced its new litters with a variety of male and female puppies entirely purebred from a top West German show line breed following the most strict SV standards which are now available for sale. These new red and black puppies are all raised and socialized in a caring home environment with children and other dogs.

The famous kennel also offers a variety of trained male and female purebred adult German Shepherds that are World Class Showline dogs with good temperament and character known for passing multiple hips and elbows evaluations, earning renowned Schutzhund (protection dog) titles and constantly kept active and athletic by the best trainers in its 45 acres of land.

The Vom Ragnar founder, Natalya Babenko, explains that “we only a have a few litters a year because we strive to breed healthy dogs with the best bloodlines in mind. We breed dogs with good temperament and character raised in a home environment. It took us years of hard work to be able to provide the quality of German Shepherds that we have now, which we believe are some of the best in North America.”

Appointments or consultations with the Vom Ragnar kennel and more information on the healthy, purebred German Shepherd puppies now available for adoption and the coveted range of adult male and female trained dogs. it currently has available for sale can be requested at 773-552-0808 or 815-245-0923 or consulted through the website link provided above along with multiple testimonials and extensive pedigree details or photo galleries of its new litters and famous show line dogs.

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