What Does Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder Taste Like Video Released.

Vervei Leaf launched a new video on the taste of ceremonial matcha green tea powder compared to regular grades of matcha. The video outlines the taste differences between the two.

A leading health and matcha specialist brand has released a new video highlighting the complex and refined taste of ceremonial grade matcha. The company speicalilzes in premium quality matcha and sources natural high quality products to customers across the United States

The video that goes into more information about the taste of the matcha can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUtuOWp8bzA

Matcha is a very fine powder that is ground very slowly using traditional methods, that haven’t changed much for hundreds of years. Matcha has been enjoyed and popularised in Japan for hundreds of years.

Traditionaly matcha is enjoyed as a tea, in two forms either as a thick paste called koicha or as more dilute drink as usucha. This will affect the taste notes detectable. Usually more refined and costly matcha powder is used for the koicha method.

Vervei leaf have a range of 4 different ceremonial grades available, starting with tenyu which is their highest grade organic ceremonial matcha. As the matcha’s become more select the tastes become less bitter with more Umamai present.

In Japanese, matcha literally means, “ground tea” and is made using a special technique of preparing the leafs from the tea bush. The plants are shaded to produce more chlorophyll and it is intended that the plants are grown in minimal sunlight. Then the leaves are de-stemmed and the leaf is crushed, turning into what we all know as matcha.

Vervei leaf want to preserve the quality associated with matcha, and ensure that matcha gets the good reputation that it deserves by selecting only the best that Japan has to offer and making that available to the world.

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