Wet Basement Waterproofing Contractors Now Offer Free Estimates to all Maryland

Householders who would like Dry Home Maryland to check their basement or provide a free waterproofing estimate can find contact details at the website http://dryhomemaryland.com

Contractors in Baltimore expand their basement waterproofing services and attract customers in Maryland, by offering free estimates for all works.

Baltimore, Md. 24 August 2015: During a meeting held earlier this month, Dry Home Maryland,one of the leading wet basement and waterproofing contractors in Baltimore, announced a plan to expand its services to encompass the entire state and provide free-of-cost estimates, in respect of basement waterproofing, to all homeowners in Maryland.

Over the past several years, Maryland has experienced an increase in flooding due to climatic changes. Thames Street in Harbor East and Mount Washington area in Baltimore face a high-risk from flooding. The general contractors now offer preventive waterproofing solutions to all homeowners across the state as a counter-measure against the increasing inundation.

The contact page detailing full service availability can by found here: http://dryhomemaryland.com

In one of the most major announcements this year, Dry Home Maryland chalked out a plan to extend its plumbing and waterproofing solutions for all homeowners in the state. The contractors also announced that they will provide free estimates and basement valuation services- a strategy that is sure to give them a competitive advantage over other contractors.

“Some homeowners believe that it is impossible to have a dry basement. They think it’s normal for their basement to be musty, moldy and damp. If the right basement waterproofing system is implemented, homeowners can enjoy a dry and mould-free basement. This will make it easier for them to use their basement for several other purposes as well- such as setting up a pool table, while keeping it safe from flooding”, remarked a spokesman for the contractors.

Apart from flooding, wet basement and water seepage can be caused by a number of reasons. Weak points and cracks often develop in the foundation. That’s where the original waterproofing fails. Water can easily enter through these weak points and cracks and seep into the basement. During the building settlement process, the movements can cause hairline cracks in the basement floor and walls, where water can enter.

Another spokesman said, “With changes in temperature, concrete walls and floors expand and contract. That means more hairline cracks where water can enter! And any protective coating applied to the basement wall will wear away or crack after a while.”

Dry Home Maryland intends to cover all aspects of basement repair and provide comprehensive and lasting waterproofing solutions to prevent any structural damages,seepages and molds from arising.

About the Company

Dry Home Maryland offers a range of foundation waterproofing services. For homeowners anywhere in Maryland worried about saturation or persistent dampness in their basement, the company offers effective and tailor-made wet basement solutions, while keeping the cost as minimum as possible.

Dry Home Maryland provides paint solutions, crack injection services and epoxy fillings to redesign and restructure basements and make them resistant to water. The contractors carry out a basement waterproofing survey and prepare a detailed report, specification and quotation. Householders can then assess the most cost-effective option for them.

On a successful completion of the basement waterproofing works, Dry Home Maryland provides multiple year guarantees. In addition to simple repairs, the contractors also offer excavation services to maintain the structure and integrity of concrete floors.

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