Weston SEO and PPC Digital Marketing Agency Announces New Strategic Alliance

Digital marketing agency Hooked On Social serving Weston, Miami, WPB announced a new alliance to provide SEO, PPC and Content Marketing with divorce and family law firm Pazos Family Law. They're helping expand Pazos Family Law's client base in South Florida.

Hooked On Social, an elite digital marketing agency specialized in SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and Social Media servicing Weston, Miami and West Palm Beach just announced a new strategic alliance with Pazos Family Law, a divorce firm servicing South Florida.

More information is available at http://www.hookedon.social.

Hooked On Social’s new strategic alliance with Pazos Family Law helps this renowned law firm increase their audience, reputation and client base by taking their internet marketing to a leadership level not available to most law firms.

Pazos Family Law specializes in divorce and family law and their policy is to take a collaborative approach helping clients get through the difficult transition of divorce so they can move on to bigger and better things. They pride themselves in being transparent about a client’s options so they know what to expect and never feel alone or confused in what can often be a very confusing process.

Pazos Family Law is excited to form an alliance with a digital marketing agency who will help them with elite digital marketing services to share their core values to a wider audience and accomplish their growth objectives.

Mario Pazos, COO at Pazos Family Law says “PFL’s vision is to become the premier, exemplary family law office in South Florida, positively impacting our community and legal landscape. In order for us to achieve this goal we are pleased to partner with Hooked On Social to implement an online marketing strategy that will allow us reach to our target customers and provide them with high quality services.” http://www.pazosfamilylaw.com.

Hooked On Social digital marketing efforts to support this strategic alliance focuses on SEO management, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing, including its newly introduced service dubbed Facebook Live for business.

The agency specializes in producing leads and sales for businesses using their three step formula that drives online traffic, keeps audiences engaged and converts prospects into paying customers with the highest return on investment.

For more information on the new alliance and the services provided by Hooked On Social interested parties can go to the website listed above.

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