Westminster UK Surgical Treatments For Hand/Wrist Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Update

While many people attempt to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions with medication, few find long-term relief from this approach. In light of this, a London, UK-based orthopaedic clinic (+44 207 046 8000) announces updated therapeutic and surgical treatments for hand and wrist disorders.

Orthopaedic Specialists’ latest launch offers patients a range of physical therapy protocols, designed to tackle the root causes of pain and discomfort. The clinic’s team of highly-skilled consultants can provide treatment for conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.

More details can be found at https://os.clinic/conditions/hand-wrist

The announcement details a range of benefits for patients seeking to regain movement, mobility, and dexterity in their wrists, hands, and fingers. The clinic’s comprehensive initial assessments offer expert diagnosis and tailored surgical programs, eschewing quick fixes to provide treatment that stands the test of time.

According to a study published by BioMed Central, the average prevalence of wrist pain among the UK’s general population and non-manual workers is 6% for short-term symptoms and around 4% for those with more persistent conditions. Wrist pain is more common among manual labourers and sportspeople with 24% reporting injury and discomfort over the medium term.

For patients suffering from arthritis, the clinic offers detailed diagnostic assessments, checking for swelling, loss of movement, and recommends treatment based on these initial tests. X-rays are performed to confirm diagnoses, along with blood tests and ultrasound examination to help confirm tendon irritation and joint inflammation.

Splints are sometimes recommended to relieve pressure on the problem area and, in more severe cases, patients will be offered surgery. Procedures include joint fusion, osteotomy, trapeziectomy, and joint replacement implants.

Other conditions treated by the Orthopaedic Specialists team include ulnar nerve entrapment as a result of cubital tunnel syndrome. The ulnar nerve sits close to the surface of the skin and is especially vulnerable to compression, causing much pain and discomfort for sufferers. Patients receive X-rays or MRI scans to ascertain the severity of the injury and, if physical therapy measures prove insufficient, the clinic can perform ulnar nerve decompression under local, regional, or general anaesthetic.

About Orthopaedic Specialists

The clinic has a 28-strong team of orthopaedic, maxillofacial, and neurological consultants on hand to provide expertise in both diagnosis and treatment. Led by medical director Mr. Ali Noorani – an orthopaedic surgeon and upper limb specialist and Mr. Onur Berber – a consultant orthopaedic, trauma, and upper limb surgeon, the company offers patients the UK’s top medical talent for long-term hand and wrist pain solutions.

A spokesperson says, “With easily accessible clinics in Harley Street, across London, and in Ascot and Brighton, there are no waiting lists and patients can self-refer by emailing or calling for an appointment.”

With its latest service updates, Orthopaedic Specialists affirms its reputation as the UK’s premier musculoskeletal treatment centre.

For more information, please visit https://os.clinic

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