Westminster CA Area Auto Accident Chiropractor – Concussion Treatments Updated

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Dr. Barry Marks (714-938-0575), a chiropractor based in Orange County, has updated the range of car accident injury treatments available at his practice.

The treatments are ideally suited to patients who are experiencing ongoing physical problems due to a recent road traffic collision. They can cure many car accident injuries, such as concussions and whiplash. Each treatment is provided by Dr. Marks who has been helping patients recover from car accident injuries since 1986.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting https://drmarks.com

With this update, patients who are looking for an effective solution to their collision-related injuries will now have access to a variety of specialist services. Dr. Barry Marks is able to use his extensive knowledge of car accident trauma to locate and diagnose specific injuries, including hidden ailments. At the beginning of their treatment, patients will receive a thorough examination of their nerves, muscles, and ligaments and an accurate diagnosis.

After diagnosis, patients are given a personalized treatment plan that is designed to reduce pain, restore full range of motion to the affected area, and alleviate spasms. Common car accident injury treatments available at the clinic include chiropractic adjustment and electrical stimulation. Patients can also undergo laser light therapy and peripheral neuropathy treatment. This treatment is used to repair nerve damage and improve blood flow.

Interested parties can schedule an appointment with Dr. Barry Marks by calling the clinic or filling in a patient intake form online. In addition to treating car accident injuries, Dr. Marks can also help patients claim full compensation for ailments sustained during a crash.

A spokesperson for the clinic says, “Being involved in a car accident can be very stressful. Very few medical doctors or chiropractors specialize in just car accident injuries. In fact, in Orange County, there is no doctor with more experience, training, and expertise in car accident whiplash and brain trauma than Dr. Barry Marks. Many doctors treat car accident injuries, but you’ll have a difficult time finding any doctor that is a true specialist like he is.”

About Dr. Barry Marks

Dr. Barry Marks is a leading car accident injury doctor based in Orange County, California. He has decades of post-doctorate experience and has completed specialized training in disability evaluation, orthopedics, whiplash, brain trauma, and more.

For more information on Dr. Barry Marks and his updated car accident injury treatments, visit https://drmarks.com

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