Western Canada Company Supporting Off-Grid Farming via Renewable Energy Launched

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With the increasing interest in sustainable energy alternatives and off-grid farming, Yukon Gold Energy announces the launch of a podcast. The virtual energy resource provides clients with renewable energy solutions and is suited for Canadians that want to take part in changing the world.

The new podcast is hosted by Will Summer, a renewable energy consultant and the company’s CEO.

Once a week, listeners get access to the latest energy news and commentaries on current industry trends and events.

For more details, please visit http://www.yukongoldenergy.com

The most recent in a series of launches by the company, the podcast supports a growing renewable energy movement in Canada. The country is committed to its nationwide sustainability initiatives and has one of the most sustainable energy supplies in the world.

The podcast covers a range of topics and often features other experts in the renewable energy field. It is available for listening on all major streaming platforms. All episodes are easy to listen to, educational, inspiring, and average under 30 minutes. The latest episode discusses the future of sustainable energy in Western Canada, which is positioned to become the leader of renewable energy in the country.

Besides the podcast, Yukon Gold Energy has renewable energy services for everyone that include self-sufficient growing stations, solar panels, and wind turbines. Additionally, the company offers Tesla battery installation as a backup energy supply for off-grid developments.

All services are available to citizens nationwide with an emphasis on work in Western Canada. More information about efficiency monitoring, design and consulting, sales and marketing, and leasing and construction is available at http://www.yukongoldenergy.com/services

As a remote operation, the company can easily support clients wherever they are located. Consultations can be done through email or over the phone.

About Yukon Gold Energy

The company, based in Western Canada Canada, specializes in providing solutions, education, and quality energy designs for clients in the public and private sectors. Yukon Gold Energy is committed to changing the world while upholding the highest business and operational standards.

Everything the company does is anchored in the core values of greatness, openness, leadership, dedication and service. More information about the roots and mission of Yukon Gold Energy can be found on the company’s website.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are passionate about creating a better future for everyone on planet Earth. This is done by helping people reach their full potential through delivering the gold standard in sustainable energy design, education, and installation.”

Interested parties can find more information at the above-mentioned links and http://www.yukongoldenergy.com/contact

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