West University Place Houston Dermal Filler Lip Cheek Injection Med Spa Launched

BCRN Aesthetics, in West University Place of Houston has launched enhanced treatments for the lips and cheeks. These safe procedures result in a perfect pout and restored volume in the cheeks.

A leading aesthetics med spa in West University Place, TX, has launched enhanced treatments for the lips and cheeks. The purpose of these specialized procedures is to restore volume in the cheeks and plump thinning lips.

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The launch of cheek and lip treatments brings comprehensive aesthetics care to the residents of this Houston suburb. The popularity of dermal filler treatments has grown recently, and this med spa strives to stay at the forefront of all the developments in the industry.

The med spa also provides treatments to fill temple depressions, erase crow’s feet, and soften marionette lines. The staffs at BCRN Aesthetics have been trained to add chin and jawline definition and fill in under eye hollows, soften nasolabial folds, and even restore volume to aging hands.

For the lips, the staffs at BCRN Aesthetics use a topical anesthetic, minimizing discomfort for the client. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are then injected to give volume and definition. This procedure flattens out the lips creating a pout. Lip fillers usually last around 9 – 12 months, although each client is different, and lifestyle factors can play a role in the fillers’ duration.

The client’s cheeks are also now being beautified by the medical professionals at BCRN Aesthetics. Dermal fillers are injected into the cheek to replace lost volume and enhance the cheekbones. This treatment creates a slimmer, more defined face and can often lift and soften the lower face simultaneously.

For more information about lip and cheek treatments, see https://marketersmedia.com/west-university-place-tx-dermal-fillers-for-lips-and-cheeks-services-launched/88974779 and

The staff at BCRN Aesthetics has a medical background and a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the face. They understand the importance of the consultation process and ensure each client gets a full and thorough examination before treatment, including medical history.

A company spokesman said, “We offer professional dermal filler solutions for both anti-aging and facial contouring and enhancement purposes. The dermal fillers treatment BCRN Aesthetics offers are minimally invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary.”

In addition to launching enhanced services, the med spa is now serving clients in new areas. They include River Oaks, Galleria, Bellaire, Museum District, and Montrose.

Interested parties can find more about the new treatments by visiting the above-mentioned website and https://marketersmedia.com/west-university-houston-tx-cheek-chin-lip-fillers-med-spa-services-launched/88980448

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