West Palm Beach Roofing Experts Increase 2021 Revenue By More Than 200%

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The West Palm Beach Roofing Experts were able to overcome many obstacles from 2020 to rebound in 2021 with massive growth by years end.

The past year of 2021 has been tremendous growth for the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts. Their reported numbers for end-of-year revenue surpass 2020 by more than 200%! In 2020 many obstacles for the roofing industry by the covid pandemic. Yet the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts were able to endure the hardship and come out in a much better position on the other end. Combining referrals with solid online marketing has helped quite a bit in their effort to rebound from 2020.

In 2020 the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts moved to significantly increase their online visibility via marketing and advertising campaigns. And when that was combined with a good reputation that increasingly results in more referrals, it was bound to help increase the end-of-year numbers. But the unexpected factor that helped spur growth was the massive influx of new homeowners to the state of Florida. With Florida’s nationwide reputation for hurricanes, many of these newcomers rightfully want to ensure they have a secure roof overhead in their new home.

Most people are pretty familiar with the terms “inflation” and “shortage,” which have negatively affected the roofing industry. The cost of goods has skyrocketed for many construction projects, especially those involving wood and foam, both of which are used for new roofs. And tile roofing, which is always in demand in South Florida, is currently experiencing a shortage. The good news is that the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts have key relationships that have helped deal with these issues quickly. So as of right now most roof repair and roof replacement projects are not experiencing delays.

Matt, a representative of the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts, had this to say, “After 2020, things were looking kinda bleak, but we put measures in place to try and get everything back on track despite all the challenges being thrown our way. The unexpected help we all got in the roofing industry was this recent surge of new Floridians. Nonetheless, between newcomers and strong advertising efforts, this year was quite a success and left us with much optimism going into 2022.”

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