West Palm Beach Dog Rescue Two Beagle Laboratory Dogs Reunited Report Released

Bark Discover has released an update on two beagle lab dogs. These dogs were rescued by them and adopted by a family and are reported to be doing really well.

Bark Discover have released their update on lab dogs who were rescued and reunited. Two dogs were adopted by the same family and are doing well.

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Bark Discover released a story on two lab dogs that they rescued from a testing laboratory. First, a dog called Frannie was adopted. A short while later, the same family adopted another dog called Gertie, which was rescued from the same testing laboratory.

Lab dogs are kept in cages and subjected to very harsh and rigid treatment and conditions. After the testing for the product or procedure is concluded, the dogs are abandoned or put down. Beagles are the most common choice for lab dogs.

According to Bark Discover, beagles are selected because of their gentle and pliant nature. They do not fight back even when they are ill-treated. When these dogs are rescued and adopted, they are so conditioned to cruelty that it takes them a long while to adjust to a loving environment.

Bark Discover reports that when Frannie was adopted, she showed a lot of fear toward her new owners. Even after months in her new home, she never barked or made any normal dog noises. The family even thought that she may have had her vocal cords cut out in the lab from where she came.

After a year with Frannie, her family adopted another beagle called Gertie from the same lab as Frannie. This, according to Bark Discover proved to be the turning point for Frannie. She became a lot more active and relaxed. She even started barking.

Bark Discover has this and many other reports and updates about man’s best friend – a dog. They are actively involved in and are a good resource for information on dogs. For more information visit their website given above or call them on +1-800-905-1595.

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