West Miami FL Bachata/Salsa Private Dance Lessons Adults/Kids Classes Launched

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Dance Awakening, a West Miami, Florida-based dance school (+1-305-979-4316) has announced a range of private dance lessons and group dance classes for those interested in learning and mastering Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, and related dance styles.

Dance Awakening has launched classes for these new dance styles as part of its commitment to showcasing emerging trends in partner dance forms to Miami locals and visitors alike. Private lessons for Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk, Zumba and other fitness dancing are also available.

More information can be found at Dance Awakening’s GMB https://g.page/r/CZb6_WxAgh-KEAE

The new dance classes are aimed at both singles and couples at any experience level. Kids dance classes are also held on weekdays, with Saturday sessions likely in the near future.

Dance classes are a popular activity for those interested in meeting new people, gaining and perfecting transferable skills, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. For many, the step outside their comfort zone while engaging in physical activity can be an exciting experience.

The best-known of the dance styles covered is Salsa, a Latin dance popularized in New York in the 1960s. Those seeking a slower pace can opt for Bachata, which originated in the Dominican Republic. Another partner dance option is Brazilian Zouk, which has both traditional and contemporary elements and is famed for its style and flair. Customers can also attend Zumba classes, a commercial program that blends dance and fitness.

The team at Dance Awakening is aware that many students may be nervous, so they strive to maintain a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Individuals of all experience levels are invited to attend, with beginner classes for Brazilian Zouk, Zumba, Bachata, and Salsa available on weekdays. Fridays are currently reserved for private sessions.

Dance enthusiasts and those who wish to learn faster who prefer a private setting and the one-on-one attention of instructors can ask about private lessons. These sessions cover all the aforementioned international styles, and individualized services such as wedding dance lessons can be arranged. Dance instructors and others can also rent the Dance Awakening studio for private or group lessons.

For those who prefer not to make a long-term commitment, hourly pricing is available. Individuals with commitment-motivated attendance can gain discounts through monthly and yearly passes. More information is available at https://danceawakening.business.site/

On the ethos of Dance Awakening, a company spokesperson said, “We are here to share art in motion with you alongside all the joy and richness that we have discovered in our journey. We focus on connection to the self, your partner, and movement.”

The team of instructors are led by Sergio Santiago, Mat Dane and Jessica Oviedo who have a passion and deep love for the art of dance.

Sergio has trained in various dance styles beginning in 2010 and has since primarily focused on Bachata, Salsa and Brazilian Zouk. He is now the director of dance and instructor at Dance Awakening and shares his dance knowledge emphasizing the internal growth that can be acquired through the art of partner dance.

Mat was born and raised in Miami, but is internationally known. Mat has trained in various styles of dance but he focuses primarily on SBZK partner dance. He works at many events outside the studio and is responsible for growing the Dance Awakening Family.

Jessica does it all from the heart with Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, & Zumba! Her energy is amazing and student are so excited to learn with her because of her incredible attention to detail.

Those interested in pricing, group or private sessions can find more information at https://www.danceawakening.org

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