West Lake Hills TX Dental Crowns – Custom Lab Made Porcelain Metal Replacements

Westlake Hills Dental Arts announced updates to its dental crown treatments alongside cosmetic dentistry services for patients in Greater Austin and the surrounding areas near West Lake Hills, Texas.

West Lake Hills, Texas-based dental practice Westlake Hills Dental Arts has updated its comprehensive dental crown replacement services for local patients in and around the Greater Austin TX area including Lost Creek, Tarrytown, Rollingwood, Barton Creek. The dentist’s office specializes in providing personalized restorations that resemble natural teeth in appearance and function.

For more information see https://www.westlakehillsdentalarts.com/dental-crowns.html

The newly updated dental crown treatment and replacement services allow the local office to continue supporting the West Lake Hills community with advanced dental care. Led by Dr. Rebecca Long, the office strives to expand on the values instilled since its inception by utilizing scientifically proven techniques and modern technology.

Though the vast majority of people state that ideal smiles enhance attractiveness, more than 50% of Americans have expressed insecurity with their teeth. Further, the office’s website cites studies indicating that almost two-thirds of people describe their smiles as directly tied to their self-confidence. By helping patients to improve the appearance of their teeth, the practice aims to boost their self-esteem.

According to the dental office, their special lab-created crowns have several advantages. The durable porcelain or metal materials used in these crowns are designed to withstand long-term stress without damage, providing patients with reliable replacements for severely damaged teeth. All-porcelain crowns are also indistinguishable from real teeth due to their completely natural appearance, ensuring that patients can smile confidently.

Patients will further benefit from the expertise of the dentists at Westlake Hills Dental Arts. The office provides a variety of general and restorative services alongside cosmetic treatments. Staff are also on hand to advise patients about issues such as oral health and dental cleaning.

In addition to its updated dental crown replacements, the practice offers a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including porcelain veneer services. Information about these treatments can be found at https://www.westlakehillsdentalarts.com/veneers.html

One satisfied patient said: “I had some cosmetic dentistry and a lot of maintenance dentistry done here. six years later, my teeth still look perfect; not too white, not too dark, and a lot of other dentists have said the dental work is perfect. That is pretty high praise from others in the field.”

Interested parties in West Lake Hills, Austin TX and nearby Lost Creek, Tarrytown, Rollingwood, Barton Creek are invited to visit https://www.westlakehillsdentalarts.com to find out more about the local dental office and its range of cosmetic treatments.

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