West Island QC Wellness Coaching Find A Coach Online Services Announced

Lynda Hoffman has announced online sessions for her health and wellness coaching. She specializes in offering transformative life coaching to help her clients overcome barriers to achieve success.

Quebec wellness coach Lynda Hoffman has announced online sessions for her focused health, wellness, productivity and ADHD coaching in West Island, Laval and Pointe-Claire. She specializes in offering her clients alternative methods to achieve their true potential and overcome the barriers that are holding them back.

More information can be found here: https://lyndahoffman.com/design-your-life

Lynda is a certified life coach with a background in political science, constitutional law and human rights. Integral to her coaching practice are concepts from Immunity to Change from Harvard, and Tara Brach’s work that links eastern spiritual practices and western psychology. Her interest in coaching is linked to her passionate interest in what promotes adaptive change in people and in systems.

The main areas of focus with her coaching are life coaching, ADHD coaching and mind/body integration. With all her coaching, she focuses on transformation and productivity and helps her clients overcome emotional and developmental barriers.

Lynda Hoffman defines life coaching as a transformative partnership designed to create long-lasting change. She works closely with her clients to help them develop skills, confidence and personal agency to take charge of their own lives.

Reasons for hiring a life coach vary based on what a client is looking to change. Life coaches can help clients make the most of their one, unique life and become the person they’re meant to be.

It’s not magic. Lynda uses practical methods to help people experience success by understanding how to overcome challenges and obstacles and achieve the success they yearn for.

Lynda also offers ADHD coaching, which helps people suffering from ADHD, a neurological disorder that affects many areas of life for those diagnosed. Throughout the lifespan, ADHD can lead to emotional outbursts, disorganization and forgetfulness.

It can also present as a “blindness to time”, which can have a negative effect on personal and professional development. Lynda is fully certified and qualified to offer ADHD coaching, which helps people live with the disorder and get it under control.

Lynda has received a lot of positive feedback for her work, including this partial online testimonial reading, “With Lynda’s structured and compassionate guidance, I was able to open my dreaded Pandora’s box of shame, guilt, and hopelessness.”

She now offers online sessions. Interested parties can find more information at the link above.

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