West Eugene Animal Hospital Release Ask Vets Question & Answer Pet Care Series

Striving to educate the owners of their patients and to reduce the need for medical intervention, West Eugene Animal Hospital has released its fourth installment of Ask the Vet, a series that answered frequently asked questions relating to animal health and longevity.

Eugene, Oregon-based, West Eugene Animal Hospital, an award-winning veterinary surgery that offers a full service for all companion animals, has released the fourth instalment in its Ask the Vet series. Striving to educate pet owners on how to effectively maintain and prolong their pet’s health, the latest installment centers on parasites – fleas, ticks and heartworm – and how to avoid these affordably.

More information is available at http://eugenevet.com/ask-the-vets-volume-4.

Recently published, the latest installment of Ask the Vet focuses on those small and unseen threats such as fleas, ticks and heartworm. Asking how important is the treatment for these conditions, Ask the Vet defines why prevention is better than trying to find a cure.

The report states that choosing a monthly heartworm and flea and tick preventative is essential to caring for a pet. By using a treatment that covers all of these conditions, pet owners ensure that their pet is healthy and comfortable. All three parasites can be fatal if left untreated. Fleas cause skin disease, tapeworm infestations and anaemia, while Ticks, inject toxins into a pet’s bloodstream resulting in paralysis. Heartworm, on the other hand, physically damage the heart and lungs of a pet.

The fourth installment in the Ask the Vet series defines that many pet treatments are easy to use and they are affordable, especially if used frequently. Other volumes in the series discuss vaccinations, diet, and new pet care.

With the philosophy that if a pet is not happy, then they are not happy, the West Eugene Animal Hospital’s staff and six qualified veterinary surgeons understand the special role that all pets play. Therefore, they dedicate their expertise to becoming a partner in the care of all pets and offer the highest quality medicine, surgery, and information on pet health.

When asked about the service offered by the West Eugene Animal Hospital, a patient’s owner said, “By far the best vet experience since moving down from Southern California. Every aspect of our visit has been a pleasure, from the moment we enter the clinic to the minute we leave. Hands down the most friendliest and knowledge staff that Eugene has to offer.”

To find out more about the West Eugene Animal Hospital and their complimentary pet exam, call 541 342 5858 or visit http://eugenevet.com.

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