Wellsville PVC Decking Supplier Waterproof Vinyl Dealer Service Launched

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OnDek Vinyl Worx, a decking material supplier in Wellsville OH, has launched their range of waterproof PVC membranes, providing contractors and architects with top quality vinyl and sales support.

Wellsville OH-based company OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc has launched their waterproof vinyl membranes, ideal for contractors, architects, and roofers looking for a premium quality decking material supplier.

More information is available at https://ondekvinylworx.com

The newly updated range of durable membranes at OnDek Vinyl Worx are ideal for roofers, general contractors, architects, decking companies, and pool installers looking for a premium supplier of superior quality vinyl.

Contractors and developers can call OnDek Vinyl Worx to join their national network of dealers and receive their recently launched, complimentary design kit, in addition to receiving support with creative marketing and customer service to maximize dealer investments.

OnDek Vinyl Worx is made from 100% virgin PVC (polyvinyl chloride) compounds and can be easily brushed clean with warm water and soap for long lasting, weather resistant, luxury outdoor spaces. It has a non-woven polyester backing layer, which uses OnDek Vinyl Worx’s exclusive Ultra Seam technology.

The unique Ultra Seam allows installers to overlap the membrane and weld PVC to PVC, preventing contaminated seams for maximum waterproofing efficacy. OnDek Vinyl Worx is a superior alternative to wood for a number of reasons.

Not only is it low maintenance, only requiring light, semi-annual cleaning, but the waterproof membrane also makes lumber decking structures durable and slip resistant, no matter whether the surface is wet or dry. Additionally, it is eco-friendly and meets ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements.

It comes in a range of stylish designs, with built-in UV stabilizers and inhibitors, making the vinyl long-lasting even in direct sunlight. This premium technology is an effective material for waterproofing leaks on decks, patios, balconies, walkways, and roofs. It is a durable, skid resistant decking material and a cost effective alternative to traditional lumber that can be installed quickly and easily.

A spokesperson for the company said “OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc. recognizes that our success as a company is based on the strength of our dealers. Becoming a member of the OnDek Vinyl Worx network means joining a select team of deck professionals in strategic locations throughout North America.”

More information about pricing and contact details is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-216-389-2212.

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