Welcome Sweet Selah Ministries – Helping Busy Christian Women Find Rest

Sweet Selah Ministries serves Christian women through speaking and writing about the need to spend time with God, knowing Him better and thus loving Him more.

Sharon Gamble, former USA National Director for Moms in Prayer International, has launched a new Christian ministry dedicated to helping women take time “to know God and love Him more and more.” Sharon’s goal is to “help busy women pause, reflect, meditate—right in the middle of crazy lives —so they can live with purpose and joy and not run out of days without ever stopping to number them.”

Sharon and her team hope that their new website, sweetselah.org, will be a source of encouragement for Christian women to plan their days carefully, making sure they allow time for rest and reflection as well as service and action.

A dynamic speaker, Sharon is available to speak at Christian women’s events. A variety of inspirational speaking topics are listed on her website.

In addition, women will love “Selah Retreats,” offered to churches and Christian women’s associations across the USA. Unique in design, a Sweet Selah Retreat will “meet tired women right where they are and feed mind, body and soul. Rich study in the Word of God helps women grow by examining and applying scripture to their own lives, feeding the mind. Large amounts of scheduled ‘nothing time’ allow women to nap, read, talk, shop, or do crafts … whatever relaxes their weary bodies. Sharon also incorporates ‘guided Selah times’ that give the retreat participant specific Bible study questions to answer on her own, feeding the soul. Each woman has time to ‘be still and know’ that God is real and personal and close.”

Weekly “Musings,” a fun and inspirational blog (sweetselah.org/blog) on her website, will help women kick-start their week. Three books are in the works that will encourage women and teen girls to spend time with God, no matter how busy they are. Sweet Selah Ministries looks forward to being another voice in the Christian community, pointing to Jesus Christ as the only One able to give true rest for weary souls.

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