Welcome New Program Designed To Help Introverted Professionals Attract Clients

3d Consulting Services announce the launch of their new "Attracting Business Clients" online marketing program starting on 1st November 2017. The program is specifically designed to help the more introverted professional service provider engage new business clients comfortably. More information available at http://www.3dconsultingservices.com/abc.

Self-Employed Professional Service Providers who would like to find a better way of attracting high-value, repeat clients will soon be able to register for 3d Consulting Services new marketing program. Today Tim Dodd, Head Consultant at 3d Consulting Services releases details of the launch of his eagerly awaited “Attracting Business Clients” program.

The 28-day “Attracting Business Clients” marketing program is designed to appeal specifically to Coaches, Consultants & Other Professional Service Providers who are good at what they do but don’t particularly enjoy selling themselves. This is a challenge because they need to keep attracting new clients in order to survive. The program, however, provides a solution by covering the four main elements of the professional services sales cycle and seeks to address many of the key areas where professional service providers get stuck. These include:

Attracting Leads – Often inexperienced coaches & consultants don’t have a clear picture of what their ideal client looks like or where they can be found. However, participants on the program are walked through a process for creating a razor-sharp image of who their ideal client is and are then are shown where that type of client can easily be found.

Engaging Prospects – Having located where their ideal clients can be found, the second challenge facing professional service providers is how they can connect with these potential clients. The program covers a variety of different strategies and helps participants identify the most appropriate strategy for their particular personality. This means that they don’t get drawn too far out of their comfort zone whilst taking the necessary action required to get in front of their “perfect prospects”.

Interacting Intelligently – Introverts are prone to procrastination and are often very slow to follow-up or communicate with prospects. This can cause warm prospects to go cold and look elsewhere for a provider. Participants who invest in the program will particularly enjoy this segment because they’ll get to see how they can automate their follow-up process and learn how to structure their systems in such a way that it will clearly identify prospects who are ready to become clients there and then.

Offering with Confidence – Finally, 3d Consulting Services covers making offers and closing sales within the “Attracting Business Clients” program because professional service providers will invariably struggle if they lack confidence in this area. Attendees of the “Attracting Business Clients” program will probably appreciate this part of the program the most because they’ll discover how to engage clients without ever feeling like they’re selling to them.

Tim Dodd, when asked about the new “Attracting Business Clients” marketing program said:

“I wish I’d been able to participate in a high quality online program like this from within the comfort of my own home when I first started out. You just don’t know what you don’t know when you decide to become self-employed because everything’s all so new and exciting. But being good at what you do is only part of the equation and you soon realise that automating your sales and marketing processes and learning how to quickly identify what is and isn’t working enables you to spend much more time in front of paying clients and a lot less with tyre-kicking time wasters!”

This is a new offering from 3d Consulting Services and Tim Dodd is particularly excited about this launch because it’s taken him far longer than he would care to admit to overcome many of the challenges that get addressed by the program. And what stokes him more than anything is the prospect of helping to prevent fellow professional service providers from falling into many of the traps that he fell into early on!

Those interested in learning more about 3d Consulting Services and the new “Attracting Business Clients” marketing program can do so on their website at http://www.3dconsultingservices.com/abc

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