Weight Loss Programs Balanced Hormone Healing Books For Women Over 30 Released

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Health company Living ProVen announced the release of a series of programs and articles to help women over 30 attain their ideal body weight.

Living ProVen, an online store that specializes in products promoting a healthy lifestyle, has just announced the release of a new series of programs and articles for women over 30 looking to lose weight.

For more information, visit https://LivingProven.com

This latest release helps women to take control of their health and reach their ideal body weight by providing them with effective programs based on scientifically researched methods.

Studies by the CDC show that 66.9% of American women are overweight or suffering from obesity. Moreover, research indicates that women in particular are at risk of experiencing weight gain as an adult as they are more likely to lead inactive lifestyles and follow an unhealthy diet as a result of having to juggle the responsibilities associated with work and childrearing.

The Living ProVen website provides customers with a range of resources, including various books and articles written by nutritionists, doctors, and wellbeing experts with information and advice for women over 30 on achieving their ideal body goals.

The website features the “Happy Hormone Guide” by certified hormone specialist Shannon Leparski. The book acts as a comprehensive, plant-based lifestyle program to help women balance their hormones, increase energy and lose weight.

The Living ProVen website also features an article entitled ‘12 Science-Based Weight Loss and Healing Tips”, which offers in-depth, researched advice on how to pursue a healthy lifestyle that will enable women to attain their ideal weight. Articles, quizzes, and resources suitable for anyone of any age looking to lead a healthy, active lifestyle are available as well.

This latest release is in line with Living ProVen’s commitment to helping customers make important lifestyle changes that will enable them to lose weight.

After reading “Happy Hormone Guide”, one satisfied client said: “Whether or not you are vegan, this book would be immensely helpful to any woman out there. The book is well written and breaks down complicated subjects in an interesting and easy to understand fashion.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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