Weight Loss Hypnosis Training For Hypnotists Program Launch

New hypnosis digital training program launched by Tom Nicoli teaches aspiring hypnotists his techniques to help clients achieve sustainable weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Tom Nicoli launches his new weight loss training program to teach other professionals his hypnosis techniques based on his D.E.P.T.H. Model. Students will learn his methodology to help clients who want to make changes in their lives, especially clients who want to lose weight and keep it off.

For more information, please visit http://learnweightlosshypnosis.com

The new program launch follows the success of Tom’s media appearances on NBC’s Dateline. In the show, he helped a pastry chef lose 40 pounds, showing the benefits of hypnosis as a tool to change negative habits and improve people’s lives.

Tom’s hypnosis techniques help clients change their lifestyle habits that can lead to weight gain. These include learning how to manage cravings, end emotional eating patterns, build confidence and self-esteem, and find the motivation to exercise.

Hypnotists can also use the training program to tackle other personal issues their clients may have. They can use it to help clients who want to stop smoking, struggle with lack of motivation, general behavioral problems, and any other chronic or physical disorders.

Tom has previously offered training courses in person for many years but has now made his teaching available as a digital program to be more accessible to hypnotists from all parts of the world.

Tom Nicoli is an internationally published author and speaker with over twenty years of hypnosis and personal development experience. Over the years, he has helped people in over 50 countries. He holds certifications as a Personal Development Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Hypnosis Instructor, among others. He is also the Originator and Chairman of World Hypnotism Day. Held on January 4th, it is a day dedicated to dispelling myths and misconceptions regarding hypnotism and educating the public about its benefits.

As a recent client said about the techniques that Tom is teaching: “I’m a junk food lover. But, since the day I left A Better You Hypnosis Center, I never ate a morsel (of junk food). It sounds unbelievable but true. Tom Nicoli told me up front he makes no promises of a miracle and that any “miracle” would come from me.”

Interested parties can find more information about Tom Nicoli’s training program by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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