Weight And Fat Analysis Gain Measurement Fitness Tracking Technology Launched

Bagel Labs recently launched the PIE smart measuring tape for those looking for a highly accurate and reliable way to track their health and fitness progress.

Bagel Labs announced the launch of PIE, a new smart tape measure technology that helps users achieve their fitness and health goals accurately. Tape measurement as a prediction of body fat can be one of the most accurate ways to track one’s fitness progress.

More information can be found at https://www.bagel-labs.com

Many studies have shown that weight alone does not provide an accurate picture of a person’s health as it can be skewed by muscle growth, water retention and other factors. The newly launched PIE measuring tape at Bagel Labs offers a clear and complete picture of one’s health and fitness progress.

More important than weight in determining whether someone is healthy and lean is determining what their body composition is. The most common way of tracking body composition is by measuring the ratio of muscle to fat they have.

The PIE smart measure tape calculates the waist-to-hip ratio, measuring the circumference and fat distribution for a more reliable take on total body composition.

With the help of the PIE measuring tape, users can easily set their fitness and health goals and keep themselves accountable by tracking their progress in the easy to read tape measure chart and graphs. The tape automatically reports each user’s stats directly to their app, either as a metric tape measure or in the Imperial measurement system.

In addition, the PIE app can track up to 100 people and store different goals and progress under each account. This means that one can use their device to track progress for their family members and workout buddies.

Whether one is trying to lose weight or gain muscle, the PIE measuring tape will help them stay on track on their fitness path.

Bagel Labs said: “At Bagel Labs, our mission is to innovate the way we measure size – we believe it has remained unchanged for too long. We believe that digitizing size data will bring so many possibilities for consumers and businesses in various industries to become more efficient and make better decisions.”

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