WeedWell™ Online Dosing Calculator For Those Consuming Cannabis Oil

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WeedWell™ releases information on how its online dosing calculator will become a valuable tool as more people consider cannabis as a treatment option. Information can be found at mydose.co

Recently, WeedWell introduced a new online dosing calculator, aimed at removing the confusion resulting from different concentration levels found in cannabis oils.

Doctors dosing recommendations are often in milligrams (mg) causing confusion as products(oil & syringes) are sold in millilitres (ml).

With an overwhelming amount of information available to consumers, we are proud to launch our online dosing calculator to help you accurately measure what your dose should be. The CEO at WeedWell , Doug Rawson, makes a point of saying “confusion & potential risk will be removed when people can calculate their correct dose.”

Doug Rawson continues. “WeedWell is committed to providing solutions and tools that will be centred around the safety of your medications. Our dosing calculator will help you understand your desired dose regardless of where or who you purchase from.. We do this because we are dedicated to helping people who suffer from a chronic medical condition improve the quality of their life by considering the safe use of cannabis for their treatment plan.

Simcoe Holistic Health doing business as WeedWell, was established in the fall of 2013 and has always aimed to remove barriers to care. We are vigorously committed to our goal in helping 100,000 people who suffer from a chronic medical condition fulfill a better quality of life.

Harm reduction remains at the forefront of our focus. When our team establishes a treatment plan and modality that is unique for the client they can be assured that safe use, potential risks and benefits have all been considered.

WeedWell online dosing calculator removes confusion and possible error when consuming cannabis extracts. This online dosing calculator will definitely become a valuable tool as more people suffering from chronic conditions consider cannabis as a treatment option.

Once again, the online dosing calculator is available at mydose.co

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