Wedding/Marriage Proposal Ideas – Romantic Handcrafted Story Snail Mail Launched

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An online mail art company has updated its services to provide an innovative way of proposing to a partner. Clients can plan their marriage, prom, or homecoming proposals with the help of artists who turn their stories into a series of handcrafted personalized illustrations.

Tellinga built its popularity by creating bespoke illustrated postcards for clients to send as unique gifts to their loved ones using the postal service. Recently, they have expanded their services to assist with cute proposals, allowing clients to convey a personal, romantic message to their partner in the form of a handcrafted story.

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This latest update provides couples with a physical memento of their marriage proposal with a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Tellinga employs various independent artists to carry out client requests, and thus also provides a platform for showcasing the artistic ability of young creatives.

To create a wedding proposal, clients first select their story length, ranging from one to twelve illustrations. Next, it is crucial that they upload a reference photo and a description of their romantic story.

After receiving the client’s request, a Tellinga artist will start working on their love story. Within a few days, the designated recipient will begin receiving unique, handcrafted images in their mailbox every other day until the entire story has been delivered.

The company also offers unique framing options, with complimentary shipping. Frames can easily stick to any type of wall without using any nails, and are delivered one week after the completion of the client’s story.

This latest announcement is in line with the company’s commitment to keeping people connected. Reaching out to loved ones with a tangible product delivered by traditional “snail mail” is a novelty in an age where most communication is carried out through digital messaging, and Tellinga wants to tap back into the anticipation and excitement of mailbox correspondence.

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Tellinga was established in 2018 by founder Alex Kurkowski as a way to keep in touch with his family when he attended Rice University. Since then, the company has developed a strong reputation for consistently delivering high-quality, handcrafted content, as indicated by its numerous positive customer reviews.

A satisfied customer said, “I used Tellinga as a romantic way to propose to my partner and they did a fantastic job. We were overwhelmed with the amazing story the artist put together for us. We will treasure it always. Kudos to the artist for actually using every single one of my love story suggestions. I would suggest this service to anyone looking for a cute proposal idea.”

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