Wedding Gift Glass & Crystal Unique Specialty Cards Site launched

Exclusive glass wedding invitation producer, Elite Glass Cards, has now introduced an additional product line for a range of special, memorable events for which a unique gift is required, with a new website to cover the services.

Elite Glass Cards, originally an exclusive glass wedding invitation producer, now has an additional product line for any special, memorable events for which a unique gift is required, and has launched a website for the service. For more information about Elite Glass Cards and to view the product options, visit the website:

Still manufacturing glass wedding invitations, Elite Glass Cards has now extended its product offer to become the only company completely dedicated to designing, developing and providing high quality glass and crystal specialty cards to customers around the world that have an appreciation for the finer things.

Elite Glass Cards offer a truly unique gift idea, in that the gift selector and giver designs the glass card, including the pattern, border, font selection and composes their own text, as a lifetime memory to mark a special occasion. Designs can be completely customized according to the customer’s wish, or there is a range of designs to choose from, as can be seen on the website.

The company has a team of designers and craftsmen with a growing design portfolio, that render each project individually, tailored to each customer’s requirements. Glass adds an element of interest as its an old medium, endures times and fashion, and is beautiful and elegant. Elite Glass Cards says that it attracts customers looking for a card or paper alternative that prefer glass or crystal over acrylics and plastics.

The new website provides information about the materials used; 100 percent lead-free optic crystal and fine quality starfire glass. The optic crystal is a hard substance, clear and flawless, rendering its surface ideal for brilliant cuts and bevels and an ultra high polished finish. Each piece is hand polished and beveled. Starfire clear glass is also lead free, and low iron alternative offering the best quality in non crystal glasswork, cut to high precision.

The Elite Glass Cards evolved as wedding invitations to include other special occasions, as the company noticed that women particularly appreciated the gift idea and sentiment. The company now receives orders to create these unique cards with memorable messages for the following occasions: wedding day, anniversary, engagement, birthday, graduation, congratulations, get well, holidays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, promotions and awards.

Recipients have extended from brides and wives to daughters, mothers, grandmothers, other relatives and now there is a growing popularity amongst women to provide a unique message carved in glass to the men in their lives. The company now ships to: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the UK and others. Full details can be found on the new site.

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