Website Building Software Platform Digital Marketers All In One System Launched

GrooveDigital has recently announced the launch of its new e-commerce creation platform Groovefunnels to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and revenue more effectively.

Lakewood, FL-based GrooveDigital has recently announced the launch of its new e-commerce creation platform GroovePages. The service was designed to give marketers and entrepreneurs access to more site-building tools in order to grow their revenue without the need to use multiple different services.

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The newly launched GroovePages is intended to provide free introductory solutions to marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow. This includes the ability to list unlimited products, access to bandwidth and hosting, and an all-in-one tool for designing and building brand websites with custom navigation. The integrated checkout forms and marketplace also aim to give entrepreneurs more ways to highlight and sell their services.

In addition to these features, GrooveDigital maintains regular updates for GroovePages to continue providing resources for an expanding array of businesses. A recent expansion of the templates included in the suite includes offerings for a chiropractor booking page, a coaching page, a real estate landing page, and a software template page.

The recently launched GroovePages integrates fully with the suite of software that GrooveDigital offers, like their automated behavior-based email marketing service, marketing-oriented video player, and funnel builder. The company’s mission is to continue providing customers with a complete digital products and services online sales system.

While the intent of the newly launched GroovePages service is to give marketers and entrepreneurs a suite of tools to develop their businesses, it also aims to expand their access to markets and opportunities through the included GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate programs.

The combination of these offers may give entrepreneurs the opportunity to place their products in a new advertising network, while also giving affiliate marketers access to new products to promote and sell.

Customer Frank Jr has been using GroovePages to reduce his reliance on other services. “I got GroovePages to replace the multitude of services that I used separately so far. So far it worked perfectly and I am easily saving myself $500-750 a month shutting other old services down.”

More information on GroovePages, including information on their limited-time free access deal, can also be found at the link here.

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