Webinar On Needing “Wingmen” in Innovation: Innovation Starts with Conversation

USAF fighter pilot Lt Col Waldo Waldman will be leading the presentation and says this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on how to use the analogy of a fighter jet to lead business growth in times of crisis.

Innovolo Ltd will be holding a free webinar online on 26th August 2020 at 15:00 called “Innovation Starts with Conversation!” This webinar will reveal the critical need for teamwork in any sustainable innovation initiatives in your business during a battle of survival.

USAF fighter pilot Lt Col Waldo Waldman will be leading the presentation and says this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on how to use the analogy of a fighter jet to lead business growth in times of crisis.

A key message in his inspirational “Never Fly Solo” signature keynote is that you can’t reach your highest potential alone. You need wingmen – trusted partners – to help you win when adversity strikes. His compelling stories and techniques on overcoming obstacles, performing under pressure, earning trust, and servant-based leadership are extremely relevant to diverse organizations that seek to create a “One Team, One Mission” performance-focused culture of trust and collaboration. They can ask questions live and get information not readily available through other channels.

Waldo will be using his experience as a decorated fighter pilot in the American Air Force to make sure your business is mission-ready by discussing:

– How innovation starts with conversation

– The two major leadership factors that stimulate feedback and change

– Leveraging one’s mindset to maintain focus amidst uncertainty

– How to grow and impact coworkers, clients, and partners

Waldo’s seven Wingman Principles are:

1. Employ “Wingmen” to Promote Communication, Integrity, and Trust

2. “Check-6” to Develop a Culture of Teamwork and Mutual Support

3. Training and Preparation are Critical to WIN!

4. “Chair-Fly” Sales Mission to Increase Revenues

5. Transform Relationships into Revenue

6. Convert Fear into Focus

7. Lead with Courage and Compassion

Business should be about cooperation, communication, and a commitment to a core set of values that serve others.

“It’s about relationships and results. Since my days as a fighter pilot and in 2003 when I started my speaking business, I’ve learned that in business and life, we survive solo, but win together. True success is a bi-product of partnerships, collaboration and mutual trust. With our constantly changing business landscape, we need to break free of the combat mindset that is prevalent in a lot of the business community and embrace a culture of trust instead. Just like well-trained fighter pilots, well-trained organizations should never enter into combat. A great business strategy does not seek confrontation and should achieve its objectives without it.” said Waldman.

“True, business is often competitive, highly stressful, and requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice. However, no matter how we look at it, our lives are never truly at risk in business as they are in actual combat. We can still learn valuable lessons by exploring how we would perform if we were actually in combat and apply it to business. By diligently preparing for each business mission and trusting in our leadership to provide a strategic vision and a set of objectives that are understood by all, we can maximize our ability to win. If we learn to overcome our fears, take courageous risks, and focus on the mission rather than ourselves, we can break performance barriers that have been limiting our growth.”

“Finally, if we engage each business mission as if we are in combat and our lives (and our wingmen’s lives) depend on our success, think of how focused we would be! Think of how much we would want to win! This is what I call applying the “fighter pilot state of mind” to business. It is a spirit that is dedicated to superior performance and a commitment to excellence in all that we do. The key to winning in business comes down to TRUST — trust in yourself, trust in your team of wingmen, and trust in your leadership. When you embrace trust and engage in business missions with a cooperative mindset, your personal and organizational effectiveness will improve dramatically. You can also help eliminate barriers that stifle productive business practices, maximize your personal performance and the value of your team, and build the relationships that really mean something in business. This is the ultimate philosophy of my life and my seminars.”

People interested in Waldo’s “Innovation Starts with Conversation” speech hosted by Innovolo can register free at https://innovolo.co.uk/event/innovation-starts-with-conversation-a-keynote-with-the-wingman-lt-col-waldo-waldman.

About Waldo Waldman

Waldo is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Never Fly Solo and an inductee into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, a prestigious award that has been bestowed on less than 190 speakers worldwide. A graduate of the U.S Air Force Academy, he also holds an MBA with a focus on Organizational Behavior and is the founder of The Wingman Foundation whose mission is to build funds and awareness for veterans in need. He’s been featured on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Inc. Magazine, and The Harvard Business Review, and his global clients include American Express, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, GE, The Denver Broncos, New York Life, ExxonMobil, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and dozens of national associations.

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