Web Application Security Audit And Testing Service For Cybersecurity Launched

A website and app security audit and testing service has been launched by leading digital creative agency Punch. It can help companies protect personal data, test code, and audit cloud networks.

A leading full digital agency based in San Francisco, CA has launched a new security and audit service for websites and apps. Punch is a creative agency that builds and develops companies through engineering, design, and marketing.

Find out more at https://punch.cool/landing/engineering/security

The newly launched service is designed to help companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs better protect personal information on websites and apps. This enables companies to avoid large fines associated with failing to protect data. Aside from the monetary cost, brands can face reputational issues and damage for years after data breaches and scandals.

In addition, the service helps customers to feel confident about working with businesses, it prevents websites from going down if they become infected, it ensures companies are compliant with government and organizational requirements, and it can help companies to reach more customers as they can increase the markets they sell to.

Punch is different from other full-service creative agencies. It is founded by ex-Google engineers and designers who apply outside thinking to deliver projects that exceed business goals, delight customers and perform better.

Customers view Punch as their technical expert and partner who ensures apps, programs, and websites are secure. The security services are split into three distinct categories: strategy, implementation, and launch.

The strategy element provides an opportunity for the Punch team to establish what the clients want to achieve, what the proposed timeline and schedule might look like, research and technology architecture, and defining stress points within the application.

Implementation is the work phase, which sees multiple processes being performed, from a code audit, to access control review, encryption review, physical and cloud network audit, SQL injection, and more.

The launch and maintenance aspects of the process ensure the longevity of any app or website is monitored. It includes the launch timeline, QA and testing, maintenance guidelines, organization and employee training, as well as code hand-off.

A company representative said: “We champion a boutique approach to product development. We have small teams, the best talent, and a horizontal management structure. The goal is to create a natural partner for your organization.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided. Alternatively, click here: https://punch.cool.

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