Web and Search for IT and Technology Companies Starts Now

Geeky Tech announced the availability of their new Web and Search Service beginning Now. More information can be found at www.geekytech.co.uk

Customers looking for the latest Web and Search Service will now be able to get involved with Geeky Tech. Today Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, CEO at Geeky Tech releases details of the new Web and Search Service’s development.

The Web and Search Service is designed to appeal specifically to IT and Technology companies and includes:

Bespoke IT & Technology marketing – This feature was included because the online industry is now incredibly competitive and every business should have their own individual targets to ensure they rank on the first page of Google and other popular search engines. This is great news for the consumer as it will deliver the SEO results they need to effectively beat their competition to the number one spot, generate exposure to the brand and ultimately boost sales.

Designing and Building Spectacular Websites – This was made part of the service, since a good website informs and reassures customers that the business knows what they are doing and can provide the services the customer needs. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it will ultimately boost sales and business online reputation.

Themed keywords – Geeky Tech made sure to make this part of the Web and Search Service’s development so the business can create and optimise new or existing pages on the customer’s site. Customers of the Web and Search Service will likely appreciate this because it allows Geeky Tech to form highly targeted relevant groups or sets of keywords.

Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, when asked about the Web and Search Service said:

“First step is getting to know you, your business, service and your customers. We paint a picture of your ideal customer so we can understand exactly how they search online. We take your biggest competitors and reverse engine their strategies, incorporating the best bits into yours. Reviewing competitors also creates a benchmark and sets the standard for your site.”

This is the latest offering from Geeky Tech and Ben Hawkshaw-Burn is particularly excited about this launch because of the shared passion of technology between his customers and his business, Geeky Tech.

Those interested in learning more about Geeky Tech and their Web and Search Service scan do so on the website at www.geekytech.co.uk

Business contact details can be found below:

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0203 800 1212

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