Wearable Wellness Technology Physical Health & Fitness Report Released

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, RAD Communications, a marketing company solving real world problems released a report on the Helo, a health and fitness Oracle and wearable wellness technology device. Unlike any other fitness tracker on the market, the Helo has twice the number of features.

R.A.D Communications, an Independent Distributor of health and fitness products based in Phoenix, Arizona, has released a wearable wellness technology report. Focusing on the Helo, a health and lifestyle oracle by Wor(l)d Global Network, RAD define the Helo as a real health monitoring device unlike any other on the market, as it twice the capabilities of its competitors and includes an emergency SOS GPS locator.

More information is available at http://heloreview.life.

Recently released, the report lists the many features of the Helo. These include a step counter, sleep quality monitor, ECG and EKG, blood pressure, mood sensor and panic button and many other features. Near future plans will deliver the Helo abilities to also check blood oxygen levels, blood sugar and alcohol levels. Plus a mosquito shield.

When compared to the FitBit Surge, as well as the Apple Watch, Helo has over 12 more features, and yet it similarly priced. The FitBit Surge and Apple Watch include a heart rate monitor, step and calorie counter, as well as distance covered. The Surge also has a sleep quality monitor and is iPhone and Android compatible.

Overall, the report is comprehensive, giving anyone interested in the product a sound overview of its benefits. Furthermore, it explains that the band of the Helo, impregnated with Himalayan salt crystals and germanium minerals, helps to relieve joint pain, increase blood circulation and aid in the removal of toxins from the system.

Classified as a solutions agency, RAD Communications specializes in marketing and aim to solve real world problems. As such, the company see the Helo as a way to heighten physical and mental communication and strengthen personal resilience to everyday challenges.

When asked about the Helo device, a spokesperson for RAD said, “The Helo is a pretty awesome device and is highly recommended for those individuals wanting to take the extra step in monitoring wellness of self and loved ones. The Helo does 10 times greater than the FitBit or Apple Watch does.”

To find out more about R.A.D Communications and the Helo, visit the link above or http://radcom.worldgn.com.

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