Wearable Publishes New Reviews Of Tagg Plus Pet Tracker and Run n Read Wearables

Wearable.co.uk has published new reviews of two of the latest and most exciting wearable tech products to enter the market, with in depth insight and analysis.

Wearable technology is a rapidly developing new trend that is on the verge of becoming mainstream. While many neophytes claim wearable technology will replace most all current generation devices, the masses are yet to agree, and this is partly due to current limitations in wearable tech and partly due to lack of information on new products. Wearable.co.uk is a website launched to help people stay on the cutting edge of this exciting new field, with news and reviews regularly published. The site’s latest publications have been Tagg Plus Pet Tracker and Run n Read wearable product reviews.

The Tagg Plus Pet Tracker is a GPS tracking system that can be affixed to a cat or dog collar without causing any discomfort to the animal, but providing full peace of mind for owners, who can track their pet’s movements using a mobile app which records and relates information wirelessly to the owner.

The Run n Read is a wearable that combines an accelerometer and gyroscope to accurately track human movement during exercise and instantly adapt the display of a companion tablet or smartphone to stabilize text on a screen, making it possible for the first time to read text on a page while running.

A spokesperson for Wearable explained, “Our latest wearable tech reviews showcase the ways in which wearable technology can create small changes that have a big impact in our lives. The ability to read accurately and easily while on the treadmill will surely transform the lives of individuals who have important reports or documents to review, who can now do so while getting in some active exercise. Equally, pet owners need never worry about where their cat or dog is and what they’re up to, as their movements can be accurately monitored.”

About Wearable: Wearable is a highly respected review site for the emerging world of wearable technology, predicted to become mainstream over the next few years. Wearable.co.uk was set up to help people see which products are in the marketplace, what they do, what they cost and if they are worth buying. The site reviews new wearable tech as it comes out, and tests items to help users make an informed purchase.

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