Wealth, Yoga, Wine:New workshop, free consult from Valerie Hail, Chez Valerie

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Wealth yoga wine: in the spirit of Thanksgiving to give gratitude Valerie Hail is offering free consultation with yoga, wealth & abundance projects and food and wine holiday parings.

Wealth yoga wine: in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, to give gratitude and appreciation this season, Valerie Hail is offering a half hour free consultation to help people with yoga, wealth & abundance. The bonus is food and wine holiday parings.

For twenty – two years Ms Hail has studied Kundalini yoga. This free consultation will share anti- cancer breathing exercises, flu and cold prevention exercises. These can be done literally every where. For her twenty two years in the French wine industry this yoga enabled her to mostly avoid illnesses because of these breathing exercises.

Ms. Hail’s expertise in the wine industry will surprise people with interesting and eclectic pairings. One of her favorites is a Bordeaux Blanc entre deux mers ( between two seas) and guacamole. Being raised in Texas , herbpalate always leans toward the Tex- Mex, which goes perfectly with French wine”. She further explains that people do not need to pair French wines with French food. The guacamole and Bordeaux Blanc go well together because the lime in the guacamole synchronizes with the citrus overtones in the Bordeaux Blanc.

Lastly, in the spirit of Holiday gratitude, wealth does not always pertain to money. Wealth can be an abundance of friends, family and health. One can be wealthy in life when all of one’s needs are met in the lifestyle that one has chosen. The lifestyle that provides riches in one’s attitude, outlook in life, personal and professional achievement is the epitomy of wealth to many. It is not always the money that provides gratitude.

That is another relatable aspect of Kundalini yoga. The teachers teach people to be abundant in spirituality so that gratitude and abundance are shared throughout the universe.

In the Create Your Own Economy video, this free consulting is an extension of that information.

Realize one’s dream of being an entrepreneur, owning a small business, an inn or bed & breakfast. Ms. Hail offers a free half hour as her gift this season of gratitude. Valerie Hail has taken her fourteen years of experience as a business owner of Le Petit Chateau inn, twenty two years selling French wine studying Kundalini Yoga and forty years as an entrepreneur to help people create financial independence and the personal life that is desired.

People can request “The Test “to see if there is a fit for the entrepreneur or lodging career lifestyle.

Starting a business is scary. Expect very little support from friends and family. Follow one’s dream is a lonely road and there is not a lot of support when one begins to act upon a big goal such as that of an entrepreneur

Valerie Hail is a mentor with Proctor Gallagher institute. She made a quantum leap to change careers after twenty – two years selling fine wine and spirits. She has studied with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher for over four years and continues. She bought 40 acres, three houses and renovated a 1900 farmhouse, now Le Petit Chateau Inn, Hyde Park New York. She pushed through another TERROR BARRIER to list the properties for sale. Moved to Gulfport, Florida.


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